Hired into ICU as a new grad, now bring shipped off to ICC... :(

  1. I worked extremely hard to be top of my class in hopes to be hired into my local hospital' s small ICU. I was not a hospital scholarship student (those took priority in the hiring process) but I did end up getting the only GN position available at the ICU. I'm now in thd end of my training and was getting ready to go downtown for my critical care course, but was told that due to overbooking I was dropped off the course. My manager does not want to keep me without the cc education and is shipping me off to ICC till the course is available again (probably in 1yr). I was also told that "when" I come back to ICU, theres a strong possibility I would be working nights. Which is not what I signed up for... I'm just heart broken. I feel like a little kid who was good all year long, got the coveted gift from Santa just to have it ripped off her hands... Thanks for reading...
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  3. by   sapphire18
    What is ICC? I'm sorry that happened to you:/ Many new grads/transfers start on nights, not sure how they know a year ahead of time where their needs will be, though. Again, I'm sorry this happened to you.
  4. by   Phlavyah
    Thank you for your response!! ICC is a step down from ICU, mainly pts coming back from the cath lab or with cardiac issues with drips, no vents, 4 pts/RN. I was hired to work ICU, mostly vented pts, 2pts/RN, day shift. I turned down other jobs to get this one and now I have exactly what I didn't want. I don't see another hospital hiring a new grad ADN into ICU 6 mo post graduation. So I just have to deal w it. I'm gonna gave a pitty party today n then move on.... What can I do, right?!
  5. by   itsnowornever
    What can you do? Be thankful you have a job. There are many new grads without a job. Dont complain.
  6. by   CrunchRN
    Stick with it and get experience. Then you can be choosy and move on if they do not let you back in ICU.
  7. by   Phlavyah
    Thx! I understand I (as every new RN) can only benefit from experience. I think I'm just feeling bad cuz I workwd extremwly hard to land my dream job and it slipped thru my fingers... Just one of those things... Life goes on though.
  8. by   Esme12
    ...I'm sorry this happened to you. I think it's pretty crummy that your manager and facility don't try to help you....I truly don't think they can "demote" you when they made the decision to remove you from the class they require because the made a scheduling error.

    I am not a lawyer and we cannot offer legal advice but......I had similar thing happen to me once....I was on medical leave (I had a simple surgery)and my ACLS expired. My boss and educator called me to tell me I couldn't attend the present class because I was still on leave, I couldn't come off leave, because if I did....... I had to return to work and my Doc refused to remove my lifting restriction. They told me I couldn't return to work until I was re-certified and the next class was 3 months away...in January. SO I needed to find away to return from leave or not work until January and they couldn't "guarantee" my position. I could take the course else where but it was policy that they didn't pay their employees to seek training else where when they provided the services.

    There are federal labor laws about this stuff...I called the EEOC and my States Attorney Generals office......It was amazing....... within 2 days they called me back.........they suddenly had not only space but would pay for me to go elsewhere and my position was never in jeopardy.

    A well place phone call can never hurt.
  9. by   imintrouble
    Being promised a job, a shift, continuing ed, and then having it all taken away. I'd be more than disappointed. Your employer is not very honorable. You really have no choice but to tough it out with the lack of nursing jobs, but you sure were cheated. (Not quite the phrase I was considering).

    Get your year, guage the situation, then decide if you want to work for somebody who doesn't live up to their promises.
  10. by   Phlavyah
    Thank you for your input. The scheduling error was made by the larger hospital that my hospital partners with cuz we don't offer the course. Policy mandates that ICU RNs attend the course, I want to think my manager was caught in between a rock n a hard place...
  11. by   Phlavyah
    Thx! I do feel cheated, but I'm trying not to point any fingers.
  12. by   Annaiya
    Sadly this kind of stuff happens all of the time. I was in a similar situation when I started. I worked hard in school and it got me a very competitive nurse residency spot. All through the program we were told the point of rotating through different areas of the hospital was to find out what we liked and where we fit the best. When it finally came time to be placed we were told there weren't enough ICU spots for everyone, so I had to work on the floor for a year before I could transfer to the ICU. I saw some things on the floor that I would never see in the ICU, so I tried to focus on what I was learning there, but it still sucked. I was not happy until I got back to the ICU. I completely understand your frustration and disappointment. Try to make the best of it, and work to transfer as soon as you can. Good luck!
  13. by   Phlavyah
    Thank you for your sympathy!!! I'm now calling the cc course instructor and inquiring about a waiting list/new class expected schedule.
  14. by   classicdame
    expections and reality sometimes clash. No manager can ever quarantee where the need will be. I guarantee that you will be asked to change work days and shifts several times in your nursing career.