Favorite session at NTI

  1. What were your favorite sessions at NTI?
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  3. by   RNforLongTime
    I really enjoyed the Mastering the 12 ld EKG Sunday pre-conference I attended! The nurses presenting also published a book that I purchased at the NTI bookstore online! Karen Misiner and Cynthia Webner.....both excellent nurse educators.
  4. by   WanaBdun
    I also went to the 12 lead EKG pre-con on sunday and :heartbeatLOVED it. I was kicked out of another class on another day and ended up in another class by the same person who taught the sunday class and loved that one as well.:bowingpur

    On my top is Barbara Mclean and her Anions class as well as oxygenation. I like her talks so much I went to the expo booth where she was speaking and listened in on that as well.

    Way too much information that I wish I was there again!

    Hey and I got a nice litmann for $70, talk about a deal!
  5. by   Chayo1989
    My favorite session at NTI was my preconference class on neurotrauma. The speakers were great and I learned a lot! :heartbeat Neuro is one of my weak areas and it was worth taking that class.
  6. by   manlyrn
    I attended a great class on Speeders, shooters, squeezers, etc.
    The speaker was wonderful and was able to relate the information the way I think - resusitation meds as Speeders, Shooters, Squeezers.
    I still am trying to go through all the "stuff" from NTI, so I will look up the speaker and repost. She was great.
  7. by   heebes743
    My favorite was the Army nurses from Iraq and Afghanistan. It is so amazing what they can do with so little over there!
    I did really like Barbara McClean's oxygenation one as well. That one probably helped me the most in my practice!
    Can't wait for next week!!!!!!!
  8. by   keepemsnowed
    I just loved Babara McClean! Great speaker no matter what the topic. I went to her critical thinking session and her volunteering session. I am planning on going next year for sure!
  9. by   CraigB-RN
    I"m not sure I could pick out a best session. I know finally getting to see faces to attach to the names I've been chatting with. As a budding auther I did get a lot out of the getting published session.

    Over all it was the networking that I got the most from, and probably what is going to last the longest. I've got contacts that will follow me for years.