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Favorite session at NTI

  1. 0 What were your favorite sessions at NTI?
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    I really enjoyed the Mastering the 12 ld EKG Sunday pre-conference I attended! The nurses presenting also published a book that I purchased at the NTI bookstore online! Karen Misiner and Cynthia Webner.....both excellent nurse educators.
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    I also went to the 12 lead EKG pre-con on sunday and :heartbeatLOVED it. I was kicked out of another class on another day and ended up in another class by the same person who taught the sunday class and loved that one as well.:bowingpur

    On my top is Barbara Mclean and her Anions class as well as oxygenation. I like her talks so much I went to the expo booth where she was speaking and listened in on that as well.

    Way too much information that I wish I was there again!

    Hey and I got a nice litmann for $70, talk about a deal!
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    My favorite session at NTI was my preconference class on neurotrauma. The speakers were great and I learned a lot! :heartbeat Neuro is one of my weak areas and it was worth taking that class.
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    I attended a great class on Speeders, shooters, squeezers, etc.
    The speaker was wonderful and was able to relate the information the way I think - resusitation meds as Speeders, Shooters, Squeezers.
    I still am trying to go through all the "stuff" from NTI, so I will look up the speaker and repost. She was great.
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    My favorite was the Army nurses from Iraq and Afghanistan. It is so amazing what they can do with so little over there!
    I did really like Barbara McClean's oxygenation one as well. That one probably helped me the most in my practice!
    Can't wait for next week!!!!!!!
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    I just loved Babara McClean! Great speaker no matter what the topic. I went to her critical thinking session and her volunteering session. I am planning on going next year for sure!
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    I"m not sure I could pick out a best session. I know finally getting to see faces to attach to the names I've been chatting with. As a budding auther I did get a lot out of the getting published session.

    Over all it was the networking that I got the most from, and probably what is going to last the longest. I've got contacts that will follow me for years.