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Does anyone know the average cost per day per patient for staying in the icu? I heard its around $10,000. I'm trying to gather facts. thanks, your fellow icu nurse!... Read More

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    I just know one statistic from my hospital that blows my mind. I work in a large children's hospital and the ICU's use inhaled nitric oxide like it's candy, i've known kids to literally LIVE on it for months. Anyways one of the attendings the other day was going on a rant about how insurance companies (including medicaid) don't want to pay for it anymore...and it's $500 PER the TEN minutes! That's $72,000 a DAY, and like I said I've known kids to be on it for months, never mind the mode they're getting it (ETT/Trach/Vent/vapotherm) and whatever else they're on since if they're getting nitric they're not doing too hot (unless they're chronically on it and can't get rid of it)

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    lets see, crrt is 1250 just for the filter, apheresis tops out around 10,000 and people get it everyday for weeks at a time, yeah BMT docs keep pushing, then add the vent. and all the other costs. It is VERY variable on why you are there ie transplant surgery, BMT, Trauma, etc. One night for the room was almost 9000 where I worked that does not include fluids, blood, vent, etc. Don't know if this helps. IV fluids NS were 75$ and I was told they only cost under 1$ it compensates for all those who aren't insured.
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    I work in a surgical/trauma ICU. A surgery pt is charged just under 6000 per day and a trauma pt is charged 7900 Of course, this is justo stay in the room. No meds, no OR trips, no diagnostics or labs and no doctors.

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