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Am I the only one? I went to classes 15-30 minutes early only to find them closed off and full. I also sat in on many classes that didn't tell me any more than I already knew. "Toxic work environment" type classes... Read More

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    Quote from NRSKarenRN
    RN34TX, I can understand youro point about classess being full and unable to attend. Having attended other nursing conventions as a seasoned RN, I've gotten to the point that I could teach most material. Looking at NTI outline, I see many listings for APN type offerings that I could have takento increase my knowledge base. I've adjusted my thinking that if I could come away with 2 new pieces of info/day, then I'm ahead.

    Visiting AN almost daily, we get exposed to so many more ideas/topics that a non-member never gets to see, therefore increasing our knowledge base. Kudos to you for being a solid clinician. Why not stretch and consider being a presenter to impart your knowledge to a newbie...would add to next years fun and add a different set of skills to your repetoire.

    Thanks for giving me an upside to the situation. I'll give your comments some thought.
    But I wasn't trying to say that I'm such a "solid clinician" that I can't be taught anything new by these critical care experts. Did my post come off that way?

    God do not ever let me be the nurse who thinks that no one can teach them anything new!

    Now the anatomy cadaver lab was new and I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot from the instructor there who was a flight nurse in daily life. I hope NTI continues that one in future years because I think that every nurse should attend it regardless of practice setting/experience/specialty/education level.

    I guess I need to give credit where it's due if I'm going to complain about the parts of the conference that I didn't like.
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    There were alot of great things at NTI. I loved the cadaver lab, the sepsis one and the Trauma Cycle one. We actually acquired new information in those seminars. All of them were fairly well prepared and provided information that were great for new nurses. So, all in all I am glad we attended. Even with the Toxic Work Env seminar the power point was excellent, but the speaker really was so negative about the profession and her current employer it distracted all of us from the great information on the power point. The speaker did not follow her power point presentation , which was well prepared. I do have to say what bothers me the most is the photos my nurses took during that seminar. Her assistant's facial expression appears to range between shock and horror during the seminar as the speaker ranted on and on about not recommending nursing as a preferred career choice, her current management team etc. At that point in the seminar we have a photo of her assistant closing her eyes and shaking her head. So while I do agree with the OP, I really do feel that the speaker would have perhaps been more beneficial if she had been controlling the slides and her assistant would have been the speaker. Wonderful information was on the power point presentation , but the speaker elected to not expand on it. As I look at the photos in hand it is evident from her assistant's facial expression she did not concur with the speaker's opinion on many aspects. I will be attending next year and want to attend this seminar again. I think it will be very interesting to see how different it will be if the roles are reversed. This seminar is a MUST SEE on our list next year, hopefully with the assistant presenting the material and the speaker silently controlling the power point slides.
    I did like the Every Nurse is a Leader seminar, and am in hopes they too will be back next year and be able to expand on that topic more than they did this year. The Strategic Ventilation was great and my nurses are now routinely looking at those P/F ratios.
    All in all , I am very happy we attended. All the information was wonderful, some of the speakers distracted from the material though.
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    Has anyone considered giving NTI this feedback?
    If I were one of the organizers I would find this whole thread valuable for future sessions.

    Just my two cents.
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    Quote from OceanGirl2010
    I will be attending next year and want to attend this seminar again. I think it will be very interesting to see how different it will be if the roles are reversed. This seminar is a MUST SEE on our list next year, hopefully with the assistant presenting the material and the speaker silently controlling the power point slides.
    That will only be possible if the speakers' abstract is selected by the curriculum committee. Although there are always a number of repeated sessions, it's not a given. Each year the selection committee is brand-new and they have no information about the speakers, only the abstract describing the intended session to go by when choosing the speakers for the subsequent year. I know one speaker who has presented the same session six years in a row who has also submitted several other topics for consideration that have been passed over. It really will depend on how many abstracts they received and what other potential sessions the committee looks at.
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    I personally loved my first NTI experience! Granted, I won an all-expense paid trip and stayed at the Grand Hyatt (woop!), but still, I found the lectures to be awesome and quite educational, and yes, I did arrive maybe 15-20 mins early, but most classes i was able to sit in the front. I loved the enthusiasm for critical care and wish i am able to attend next year!
    And DC was amazing, too!!
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    I too was disappointed with NTI 2010 in DC. It was my first NTI and I've been an ICU nurse for 4.5 years. While it was fun and empowering to see so many nurses that share my profession, I didn't glean much from the classes. I am a self-driven studier, so I was hoping to learn more than I've already taught myself and what I've learned working in an aggressive, high acuity level one trauma teaching facility ICU. I was disappointed with the classes overall. The general assemblies were good, I enjoyed the speakers and the motivators. I'm not entirely sure I'll go again based on the expense involved. If I do, I think I'll focus more on the advance pratitioner classes hoping to learn something more. The best class I attended was actually the last class on the last day taught by a CRNA. It was awesome!

    I did really love the fact that the AACN was able to get the Smithsonian museums to open up for the nurses after hours. That was truly amazing!
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    I was disappointed with NTI 2010 as well, as everyone else not to mention I could have probably taught the classes myself.

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