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So I have a question for ya'll. I work in a large pedi cardiac ICU. Being cards a majority of our patients are newborn-toddler however we also have a population of 20-40 year olds (those hypoplasts just keep on living now!).... Read More

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    I didn't go into nursing to be an actress....
    My concern is the use of these video cameras will in turn increase nurse ratios. Our biggest roles as nurses is our assessment skills and if a set of "eyes" are on the patient all the time, then the future may be seen that less nurses are present on a unit.
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    I was admitted to an ICU with a camera aimed at the bed. I was told about it when I was transferred from the ED gurney to the bed. It wasn't an issue. It could be turned off for direct care or 'exposure' type concerns. It was a safety thing- nothing more. Nobody uploaded it to YouTube (was 7 years ago- so not likely ).
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    I know of a case in Texas where a mother was caught of video trying to smother her baby while he was in the hospital...of course in this case the medical team suspected abuse.



    Myself, I don't know if I would feel about being video taped while in the hospital. I'm a rather modest person. My last 2 admissions to the hospital I can say what drove me batty was that people who knocked, but didn't wait for an answer after knocking on the door. So then I was literally caught with my clothes half off yelling, "just a moment!" Or sitting on the bedside commode. If you are not my nurse, you don't need to see me naked. 'nuff said. I think I would be absolutely paranoid with a camera in the room. Of course, I am a paranoid person...or so the voices telll me
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    The only time I have ever seen a video camera was when I was a student in a progressive care unit...the patient was confused and instead of being closer to the nurse's station, they were towards the back of the unit. They employed a video camera to "help keep watch" on the patient. Confused or not I think video cameras are a huge invasion of privacy as well as a potential way to blame something on the nurse should something happen.
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    I'm wondering if audio is or can be recorded as well with the video. Those of you who have no problem with being video taped because you are doing nothing wrong have to think about the possiblity of video without audio being out of context. In order to have a more accurate reflection of what one is seeing hearing the audio going on in the room would be necessary. This would open up a whole new kettle of fish.

    This whole Big Brother thing is getting rather scary. In my hospital cameras are EVERYWHERE supposedly for security purposes. Now cameras are every where you go in public, mounted on light posts, every intersection, literally everywhere. Recording audio is easy with shot gun mics. The day will come where there will be no where one will be able to have a private conversation.

    The only limiting factor is processing power to sort and filter all of this recorded data. However that one day soon will not be a limitation. Live audio will be able to be run through keyword filters and when triggered the recording begins.

    Don't forget that every conversation you have on the phone and every keystroke you place on the internet passes through an NSA super computer somewhere in the US and is logged. Again processing power prevents most info from being noticed, but if you become a person of interest, then everything you have done on the phone or online can be brought to light.

    Just because you are doing what you are supposed to do and think you are doing nothing wrong, you should be concerned.

    If I were a patient, unless I was comatose drugged out of my mind, or too sick to care, I would be creeped out.
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    Quote from MomRN0913
    Unrelated question.

    So, those Hypoplasts keep on livin now, huh? I am very very glad to hear it, as my best friend's 6 year old daughter is one. She does wonderfully too, and my friend has her enrolled in studies at CHOP to follow her through her life so that they can see what can help those kids live longer and longer.

    So, a 40 year old with HLHS is going to your peds cardiac unit? They do not go to regular cardiac units when they grow up/ Can you share why? Is it because the adult cardiologists have never dealt with the syndrome because as we know for many years kids were not making it that long?

    I hope they start to have cardiologists get used to adults living with HLHS, because I have a feeling it is going to keep happening and for much longer.
    My soon to be 15 yr old son is hypoplastic left heart. He too will be going to Childrens for his care as an adult. I wouldn't want him anywhere else. Childrens has the most experenience dealing with this seeing as it's a relatively new adult condition d/t them living into adulthood (Yea!!!!!!). Childrens Hospitals are up to date on the lates precedures, techniques, meds, everything.
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    Agree that we are being monitored all the time. And from the tone of this post, it's more socially acceptable than some of us would like it to be.
    This is a liability game. The sole purpose is to absolve the facility of liability by placing blame on the individual. Sorry but there just isn't another reason to do it. It's very inexpensive technology that will save many thousands of dollars down the line.
    Another indication of the value of the worker.
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    As a patient, I would not want to be on camera. Though with second thoughts, it would have caught those nurses who were abusive and tormenting. We have cameras in certain rooms for suicide watch and other issues such as getting up and being unstable. Of course the person watching those cameras also has to watch the heart monitors. Too much time lapse even if you were called on your cell phone.
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    Check your signed Consents for Treatment- the form all patients have to sign regardless of their inpatient/outpatient status. Ours includes consenting to the video-taping. This is a whole different ballgame than publishing the film.
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    keeping an eye on the pediatric patient, it keeps an eye on high care kids, but big brother will be watching..aka lawsuits. covering admin's ass from litigation
    not dissimilar to jail cells close circuits on criminals in isolation (aka suicidal inmates).
    get used to it. I usually wave at the cameras.
    I love the military terms you use.
    you have to develop a sense of humour, because of the amount of paranoia out there now. Every one is afraid of their butts.

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