2 ICU interviews at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. Need inside info! Neuro or SICU?

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    So yesterday I got 2 calls for 2 interviews next week down at Henry Ford Main. I currently work at Henry Ford Macomb Hospital, so I don't any information about the benefits and so on. I have never been to the main campus, nor can I find any information about their nursing units anywhere. I am interviewing at both the Neuro ICU and the Surgical ICU. I have a pretty good idea of the pt population that will be in the neuro ICU, but I don't know a whole lot about surgical. Like which pt's go to the surgical ICU? I assume open hearts go to CVICU and neuro surg pts would go to Neuro ICU, so what interesting pt's do you get in surgical? My one friend told me that surgical ICU is a glorified PACU and another said that they actually get a lot of trauma cases.

    If anyone out there works at these units or has worked at these units I would love to hear your input! Thank you so much!
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    i've never lived in detroit and don't know much about henry ford macomb hospital. i will tell you that generally, sicu gets a lot of trauma patients. the type of trauma depends upon your community. in madison, wisconsin we got a lot of farming accidents and motor vehicle crashes; in boston we got stabbing and shooting victims as well as motor vehicle crashes. in detroit, i'm sure you'd see a lot of victims of violence. you will also get abdominal surgery and probably vascular patients as well. so you might have an aortic anuerysm patient one day and a gang banger with a gunshot wound the next.

    in this economy, which job you take will depend a lot upon which job you are offered. if you are fortunate enough to have your choice, think about which interests you more -- the brain? surgery? trauma? i know people who absolutely love neuro -- personally, i'd rather work in a glorified (or otherwise) pacu. whichever job you take, you should plan on staying at least two years. and if you're thinking of anesthesia school, sicu is probably a better choice.

    good luck with your interviews!
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    Off topic, but is there a certain amount of time you have to work in the unit you're hired before you can transfer to another unit within the Henry Ford Health System?
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    Does anybody have any suggestions for getting into Henry Ford Hospital? I know this is the hospital that I want to be at, but I feel like I am getting turned down for every position I apply for because I am a new grad! Any help would be greatly appreciated!