What is the deal with GEO Group?

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    I have been a Hemodialysis nurse (RN) for several years and I'm looking to do something different. I just applied to work at a local prison that is owed by GEO Group in North Florida. I just want to find out there pay scale, benifets, etc. Most importantly I want to know how they treat their employees. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    I worked for them but wouldn't do it again. The pay was extremely low compared to anything else in my area. I also didn't feel very safe there, mostly because they only paid their CO's $9 an hour and, because of that, they were always short staffed so ... they were always trying to pull my CO from medical. It was a constant battle to keep your medical officer.

    Plus, their CO's weren't peace officers so they had no pepper spray or batons ... only radios to call for help and some of the staff did suffer serious injuries because of it. There was only one peace officer with weapons to cover 600 inmates. And, because the GEO staff was paid so low ... a third or more of them were compromised by inmates. At least one staffer was walked off the property every week.

    Everything ... and I mean everything ... was sacrificed for profit, including safety. I only worked there to get experience for a better job and, thankfully, only worked there for a short time but, I would never do it again.

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    Would like to pick this thread up again. DO NOT bother applying at GEO in Arcadia, FL. BAD PEOPLE and a WORSE working envioronment. Stay away!
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    Yep, do not work for Geo Group and certainly do not go to the facility in Arcadia, FL. Very unsafe and if you don't kiss ass forget about working there!!!
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    The GEO Group is advertising up here in Queens, NY for nurses. With the type of IM we get in Queens, they had better get their s*** together!
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    Stay away from them. Bad people.
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    This company will make you wish you never became a nurse, much less working in corrections.
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    Regarding GEO Arcadia FL: I notice they are looking for a utilization nurse recently and of course, the usual openings for full and prn RNs and LPNs. Anybody working there now who is on this forum? If so, could you let me know how its going down there? (Even though I have a good idea!!!)
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    They were sued by I/M family in OK and lost. Jury awarded family 6.5M. Cellie killed I/M and officers didn't know for 2 days. The Celliie asked the officer to do something cuz his body was starting to stink. Crazy but true story.
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    Wow! This is why forums like this are so important. That is very good information. I have wondered about them, have seen many ads. Now I know why!

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