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Im the sick call nurse at a new GEO facility that was built with a sick call room in each inmate building. I push a medical record cart to each building and have the I/Ms from that building called out to wait in a hall until I... Read More

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    1. Require that they have their ID badge. Without it, How can you have two verifiable pieces of identification necessary to dispense meds? At our facility, if they do not have an ID badge, they must leave and report to the lieutenant's office. You have to be firm with the inmates and make them know that their behavior will not be tolerated. If they don't have ID kick them out. If they are lewd, write them up and kick them out.

    2. We ONLY allow sick call on the 7am move. If they arrive later than that they are not seen. We usually get 10-20 people for sick call.

    I really hope your situation gets better. If you ever feel uncomfortable, can you request an officer?

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