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I am relatively new to working in corrections and am at a county jail. One of the big problems I am having is discerning who is lying and who is not.......particularly about chest pain. I am... Read More

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    I work in correction and see a lot of inmates for chest pain. Always follow the protocol. Use your nursing judgment. You can always call the on call doctor. You will see a lot of heart burn reported as chest pain.
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    Although our facility has a "chest pain" protocol, it reads as though we treat all chest pain as though it is cardiac. If I tried to follow the protocol to the letter, there would be negative consequences. Our protocol was written to protect the organization. It really does not guide the nurse.

    I wanted to thank all of you for your responses. I learned a great deal from all of them and feel much more confident when faced with chest pain in corrections.
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    Work around them long enough and you'll develop a good BS meter, lol. I go from them premise that they're lying until enough adds up to make one reasonably infer that their symptoms are real.

    Look at age, history, and risk factors. Then ask them the same questions many times looking for changes in story. Try to localize the pain and pay close attention to the OPQRST. Provocation and palliation will tell you a lot to differentiate between pulm., MSK, CV, or GI induced chest pain. Take your vitals which may or may not help. I don't have an EKG at work much less ASA or NTG, lol.

    To protect me and the facility, I asked specifically about this when I was hired to take over the clinic. I told the three administrative ranks that are above me on the totem pole that if I felt a CP needed to go to the hospital that I'd send them. However, I promised not to rollover and assume everyone was telling the truth. As I hinted, all inmates are liars. I don't care how friendly or submissive they may act. I reiterated how much liability rested on such a medical complaint, and my number one goal is to protect me from liability followed by my number two goal to protect the agency from liability. The inmate comes third. I've seen jailers get panicky and want to send inmates that I rightfully called bull on. Regardless, we don't pay any medical bill unless the facility somehow caused the injury. If they go to the ER its on the inmate - not the jail.

    I've seen A LOT of people having a MI, and I can't remember any who were being dramatic about it in my roles as a RN or paramedic and add to that MANY medical calls I've been on as a police officer. When the inmate starts yelling, beating or kicking the doors, etc. I infer that they're not having a substantial problem. I love it when they become violent and scream "I can't breathe." If they weren't getting enough oxygen that behavior would quickly subside.

    Truth be told, I really enjoy the job.

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