Correctional nursing opportunities

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    Hi, I'm an RN who recently got 2 job offers as a correctional nurse on a state prison and a psych nurse in a psych hospital. Im really leaning towards the correctional nurse job however I wonder what kind of career opportunities I could find if I take the path of a correctional nurse. Obviously, if I take the psych job I have the option to pursue a career in psych nurse practitioner, how about correctional nursing? Where could I go later on? I hope to further my education in the future I just wouldn't want to find myself with limited options. Thanks!

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    Correctional nursing encompasses a wide range of nursing skills depending on the facility in which you're employed. You'll be utilizing assessment skills, psych, acute and chronic care. You are only as limited as you want to be in your future! Do you have prior experience? If you're a new grad the job in corrections will benefit you greatly in terms of developing a wide range of skills. If your heart is in psych go for it! Best of luck. How wonderful to have choices!
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    Thanks for the info, I currently work in a Skilled Nursing Facility, I enjoy it but, no offense to nurses in SNFs, I feel there isnt a whole lot of future opportunities for a young RN in a SNF. I'm leaning towards the correctional for a few reasons one being the schedule I'm going offered to me is more convenient. But I want to find out more about it cause I won't let short term conveniences have me regretting the direction I went in the long run.
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    I understand where you're coming from in regard to SNFs. The nice thing about nursing is we never have to remain locked in to one area forever. If you can get a good schedule that IS hugely important in maintaining balance in your life. I really enjoy corrections for the most part. You need to be confident and assertive to avoid manipulation. Be aware in the beginning and you'll be fine. I wish you much success. If you find it's not your niche you will still learn a tremendous amount about working with this sector of public health. Future employers will appreciate the savvy required to work in this field. I enjoy a LOT of autonomy and respect. I have SWEET hours and great pay. I wish the same for you!
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    I am also interested in what Correctional Nursing Supervisors do? Are they required to be available 24/7 for staff?
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    I think that depends on the facility but that is unlikely. Many facilities utilize contract services for their health care services. I am a supervisor in a very tiny county detention center and I'm not on call at all. After hours officers have to send inmates to the ER or call 911.
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    I am interested and applied for the Correctional Supervisor 3 position in CA. Are these positions available in 12hr or 10 hr shifts? This position for all shifts? For Weekends only? Thank you.
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    What did the position info state? I'd certainly want to know these details before proceeding.
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    I cannot imagine anyone getting a correctional nursing supervisor 3 position if they've never been a correctional nursing supervisor. I can tell you our supervisors are reachable 24/7 because if a nurse calls in they have to find coverage or show up themselves. Also, when bad things go down on the yard, the supervisors have to be able to be reached to give advice or call in more nurses.
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    Thank you for all the info. These positions do not state the schedule that would be required.

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