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    :angryfire this company should be investigated for unscrupless behavior and all employess should take out an class action suit against them. the things the do and the way they train their adminstrators is insane. this is not the american way, or maybe it is keep the honest working class down. what i saw and what was done to me is to long to put down here. all i do know don't make cms a career.
    god has blessed me now i pass it on.:angel2:
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    What is CMS? Sorry, not familiar with the company.
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    correctional medical services, they are contractors for many jail departments, shierff departments,and so on
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    ok..... thanks
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    tweetwd - What exactly did they do? I am interested in hearing your story. You can send me a private message if you wish.
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    I worked for CMS for 4 years in a large max facility, and I found their management philosophies to to be the same as any other corporate business:
    Worship the almighty buck, work your staff as hard as possible, hire the next one in line when they quit, while constantly grinning and slapping 'em on the back, "empowering" them to "work smarter, not harder".:uhoh21:

    I thought all privatized type "corporations" were that way, too.
    I found the same thing in dialysis, long term care, and small hospitals.
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    undefinedundefinedi do realize that it has now become a corporation business, but being a nurse for a long has taught me that even in this ever changing world we must treat everyone on thier merrits and not on a robotic scale this is the only way you will get quality work as well as long staying employees. with insurance comps, and lay-persons dictating the way and how patients are cared for by time my ills come down on me i hope just to expire at home without the trials and tribulations corporations who only think about the money and can't even give me a respectable retierment fund after working till i drop

    god is where all blessing flow, thank you lord for being able to serve you. :angel2:
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    Hi Tweet
    I'm sorry to hear about CMS. What about their medical insurance for nurses? Do they have decent medical coverage? So many correctional facilities are going private and it seems a lot of them are run by CMS.Is there anything at all good about CMS? I am thinking about relocating to Wyoming in the future and CMS is in charge of the Wyoming faciities. Thanks :chuckle
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    undefinedundefinedundefinedi have talked with many in this area who has worked with cms and they all have had some unfavorable experinces with them. i am an lpn but a few that i have talked with were rn's, cms seems to favor rn's more so than lpn's we seem to be expendible, or better non-nurses so this is the way we are treated as employee's. i do wish you all the best on your move and maybe you will have better luck

    god has blessed me now i pass it on to you. :angel2:
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    I think the only reason they seem to favor RN's is that as an RN our practice and decision making is autonomous; that way, they can really succeed in scapegoating us PRN, knowing we can't pass the buck. (sorry for so many old cliches or phrases.)
    And scapegoating is a favorite corporate survival skill, right up there with acknowledgment but stalling when presented with a a problem or concern. But again, I think this is all corp. group-think, I mean at least that is what I gather from reading "Dilbert" :chuckle

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