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What if Nursing pays $15/hr...

  1. 1 I've been in Emergency Services for over 20 years(Firefighter 23yrs, EMT 12yrs) and EMTs make about $15/hr and Medics about $20 where I work. With all the schools and commercials/ads about how much $$ you can make doing Nursing, I was curious to know if you would still apply if you were going to make $15/hr. Many people are switching to Nursing (with no medical experience) because the money is very good and its something that will always be in demand. I'm not trying to compare jobs so much as I am trying to see why people are flocking to Nursing all of a sudden (is it the $$$ or something you always wanted to do?).
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    most people "flock to nursing" because of the over played rumors as "you will always have a job" and nursing "pays well". those are not always true. i chose nursing because thats all ive ever wanted to do. i know this sounds cliche but in kindergarden we had to draw a pic of what we wanted to be...what did i draw?? yeah a nurse. a lot of people want to do it because that is their calling and what they want to do, but other people with 2nd degrees (no offense) and career changes are coming to nursing for the money.
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    Darlin'.. I'd probably go into floral design..
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    I chose nursing for stability and a wage that can support myself and me and my kid. It's just fortiutous that I also happen to find healthcare extremely interesting. If it was solely for the money, I would have gone to med school; I didn't want to take the time away from family that med school would have required.

    Did I make a good choice? Now that I'm graduating into this economy, the wage is still sufficient to care for my needs. Stability, that's another story altogether! I feel lucky to have even a job offer, and pray that my position doesn't get cut anytime soon.
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    ummm...i do make 15.50/hr

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    At least two employers advertise $15/hour for LVNs in my area. One of them had a night shift job for $14/hr. I avoid both of these employers. When employers give their pay rates in job listings, it makes it easier to see where you want to go first for a job, and where you want to avoid.
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    Not every second career nurse does it for the money. I have been in banking for 13 years now and make decent money, an RN salary will only be a slight pay increase for me. I am starting RN school in the fall. I have ALWAYS wanted to be a nurse but for one reason or another, I couldn't make it happen until now. I never let go of my dreams and it is finally happenning!
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    I'm with the poster above me:yeahthat:... I was a mortgage underwriter for 20 years... I took a 50% pay cut to be a CNA and now I'm taking pre-reqs. I loved the job when I was 14 but didn't have the emotional ability to handle it. Now I do and I'm looking forward to advancing my career and helping the patients.
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    why any of you are explaining yourself to this person is beyond me. You have all made a good choice to become a nurse whether it was when you were 5 or 65 and whether its for the money or not.