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Hi Everyone! I saw many other threads from the previous years so I figured I would start a new one for the 2018 cycle. I recently got accepted after applying for the February 17th deadline to my... Read More

  1. by   Eglute
    I really hope by the end of July,,,

    I ended up requesting transcript from QVCC that I will be taking Genetics at (the rest were completed at TRCC).

    I wouldn't worry about GPA. If they have any questions, they will email you. I got an email for clarification on the very next day after I submitted my application. I am pretty sure they care and I heard from other people that Dorine is very nice.

    Does any of you have this book for sale: "Essential Genetics: A Genomics Perspective" by Daniel L. Hartl ISBN: 9781449686888. I am trying to get the cheapest copy and then thinking of purchasing access code. It's my last prereq. Ill be taking in fall.
  2. by   Eglute
    Did anyone hear back from them yet? I am getting nervous,,,
  3. by   pink_rose2
    Quote from Eglute
    Did anyone hear back from them yet? I am getting nervous,,,
    nope but it's only been two weeks..they are notorious for taking weeks and weeks to get back with decisions. i'm getting nervous too though. i emailed dorine earlier this week with a question about something important and she still hasn't replied so she's either out on vacation or they're really busy reviewing applications
  4. by   pink_rose2
    sooo has anyone heard anything or have any kind of update??
  5. by   Eglute
    No, but I can't stop thinking of it every day,,,my stress level is going up too,,, partially about the waiting, partially, how Ill be able to make it financially next year,,, Good news, i just found out L&M has ongoing employment program for new grads.
  6. by   JaymeM
    Same, I stalk the mailman. I run out and grab the mail to see if there is anything there. Hopefully soon!
  7. by   pink_rose2
    i had a feeling we would hear back yesterday cause that's about the time this years cohort heard back but i guess i was wrong
  8. by   pink_rose2
    someone should call and ask Dorine when we should expect to hear back haha she's probably sick of hearing from me already
  9. by   Eglute
    I have a feeling it will be this week If accepted, how quick we would get the list of the books we need to buy? I would like to start sopping right away...
  10. by   zmja
    Hello! I got into the Storrs campus when I applied on the February deadline. So far I have had to send in my $500 deposit and was reminded about the orientation in October. I also got my NETID. I haven't heard anything about the medical information or books.
  11. by   pink_rose2
    so I called and asked when we should expect to hear back and the lady told me they're still processing things and they don't really have any idea when we'll hear so there's that. get it together uconn
  12. by   zmja
    To be fair, they told me that the day before I got my letter in the mail.
  13. by   pink_rose2
    i hope i'm in that same situation then!