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    I am just wondering what the starting nurse salary is for a new RN with a BSN in the CT area, specifically around the New Haven city/Fairfield County. I am looking to go into ED or SICU. I know most facilities may not have a pay differences for those with a BSN. Any info on pay and facility is appreciated.

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    I know Saint Raphael's is $26.00/hr. Yale is about the same - I believe $26.05/hr.
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    Most starting salaries up here by Hartford are around $26 to $27 an hour. Pay attention to your differentials though. For me, at the job I took, my diff made a huge difference.
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    i am a student doing my BSCN so i am really new to the field so i dont alot. What are differentials?
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    Quote from shortie.ja
    i am a student doing my BSCN so i am really new to the field so i dont alot. What are differentials?
    Differentials are "extra" money in addition to your base hourly salary.

    For example lets say your base hourly salary is $25.00 per hour. And lets say you decide to decline benefits, at some places you get "extra" money or differential of $1.50 on top of your hourly $25, and lets say you decide to work the 3p-11p shift, you may get a differential of $0.75, and maybe on weekends you get an additional differential of $0.50.

    So now lets say you are working the 3-11 shift on a Saturday or Sunday, your hourly rate of pay will be the $25 + $1.50 + $0.75 + $0.50 =$27.75 per hour on Saturday and Sunday.

    Now lets say you're working the 3-11 shift on Monday -Friday, your hourly rate would be $25 + $1.50 + $0.75 = $27.25

    I hope that makes sense.
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    i understand what your saying clearly, thanks alot for your help
    my sister and brother lives in CT so i hope to live there and work after i have graduated from school, have you any advice to give me i'm hoping everything works out, i live in Jamaica and my sister is currently finishing up her nurses degree to leave as well and she is hoping to get work in CT so we can all be close to each other.

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