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I graduate from Nursing school In May 09..I see posts all over for salaries at different hospitals in Ct. Maybe we can try to get this info in one post. Thanks!!!!:redbeathe... Read More

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    How about benefits? Who offers student loan assistance and/or signing bonuses? I'm looking to satisfy 2 requirements: get into a critical care nurse residency program at the hospital with the best benefits. Salary is also a criterion, but I'd take loan repayment over a slightly higher salary. Dartmouth-Hitchcock in Lebanon, NH gives you $2500/year for 5 years for loans. Not an option for me, since I'm looking to go to CCSU for grad school and want to stay local while I get my experience.


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    My best friend works at CT Children's and she started somewhere around $27, and after 2 years, is now at $30/hour.

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