Ready to Apply CT Community Colleges- Nursing Program 2010

  1. I was hoping to continue a great thread that I read last year, Ready to Apply CT Colleges 2009. It was a bunch of people looking to get into the CT Community Colleges nursing program for 2009-2010 academic year! They really banded together and answered questions for each other.
    I was hoping to start the same thing for this year.
    So, applications for the 2011-2012 year come out in just over a month. November 1st!!!
    What has everyone been doing to prepare for the application process. What classes are you currently taking? Has anyone taken the TEAS yet? What was your score? What school is your 1st choice?
    Speak up people!
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  3. by   Dylan1206
    Great topic! I applied so far to BHSN then Nov 1 community college nurse programs. Im so nervous about the TEAS have u taken them yet? I plan on taking them in October I am ordering the study guide today.
  4. by   Spercy55
    Hi....Great post! I took the teas a couple months ago. it was ok. I want to retake it though so I am waiting the 45 days. I passed with a 78.2. I would prefer a higher grade.
    I also applied so far to BHSON and I will be applying to the CCC in November. Capital is my first choice.
    Right now I am at Capital taking A & P II. Next semester I will do Micro and then ALL my courses except nurses course will be done!!!!!
    Good luck to all applying!
  5. by   JBMmom
    I'm applying to the community colleges program for next fall/Jan 2011 admittance. Three Rivers is my first choice of locations, although I might consider Gateway as a second choice. I've completed all the pre-reqs, although I'm currently taking 2 co-reqs and I'll take A&P II in the spring. I'm taking the TEAS in two weeks. I'm very nervous about the GPA requirement and how I'll fare in the application process. I've been out of school and working for over 10 years, so the idea of going back is also intimidating, but I think that nursing will be a much better fit for me. Good luck to all, and thanks for starting a thread for us all to get acquainted and help each other.
  6. by   HartfordSPN
    i am currently enrolled in the prince tech lpn program with a graduation date set for january 20, 2010. i am planning to do the bridge program and hopefully get accepted for the class thats starting in september 2011 at capital which is my first choice. i have all of my pre-requisites done. i cant wait!!!............
    great thread by the way.
    nina, spn:heartbeat
    -78 more class/clinical days to go till graduation yaaay me
  7. by   Dylan1206
    Does any1 know when BHSN gets back to you? Do they accept right away or until they get all the applications? Also any1 know a good study guide for the TEAS? Thank u!
  8. by   tfsc1958
    Bridgeport is accepted applications now, but you will not hear until January for September 2010. I am attending now. Get your application in early! It is online. Apply there and also the community colleges because I know people who finished all prereqs and did not get in. Both the community colleges and BHSN received over 600 applicants so it is very competitive.
  9. by   tfsc1958
    Go to ATI testing for the TEAS guide.
  10. by   naj5
    I planing to apply to NCC for next year, as well as Gateway CC. I'm taking now A&P II and Eng. Lit. I'm considering BHSN but I'm not sure about it. I hope we all will get a chance to get into one of the programs we chose. Good luck to everyone.:heartbeat
  11. by   orourkco
    Wow, i didn't think so many people would post in such a short time. After reading your posts, I contacted BHSN to find out more about their program. I would have to take microbiology again (because mine is more than 7 yrs old). I have everything else done except for the nursing classes. I could do the accelerated RN program and take microbiology before I begin in September (of course, all of this depends on acceptance into the program- but I try to think positive!).
    I plan on applying to the Gateway program Nov. 1st. I have all non-nursing classes done. I have taken my TEAS three times adn received the same grade each time. I am realy putting all of my eggs into one basket by only applying to gateway- but I need to do the night program, as I work full-time during the day.
  12. by   msdeannah
    Hey guys. I was in the 09 thread. It was very helpful. Get the teas study guide. It is honestly the best one for that exam.
    I'm currently at Capital... I have heard great things about BHSN for the person who was wondering. Good luck to everyone.
  13. by   JBMmom
    Just wanted to bump this thread back up and see who else is applying. I'm just waiting now, four months will go by quickly, I'm sure, but it seems so long to wait!
  14. by   orourkco
    Thanks JBMmommy, I printed out my application on November 1st and then carried it aroung for a while before I handed it in. I was so afraid to handit in- it seems so final ya know?
    Anyway, I havent seen any other posts like last year- maybe application rates will drop? What school are you applying to? What classes have you taken? What was your TEAS score? (if you don't mind sharing)
    I have taken all of my non-nursing classes, and got an 83 on my TEAS (Still wondering fi that is even competitive). I wish we had info like what was the average TEAS score for the class that was accepted, or what was the avergae GPA... I dont know why they dont do that?
    I am applying only to Gateway- fingers crossed- waiting not-so-patiently for now. Do you know when they let people know if they got accepted? Is it March?