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ooops... the other one had 2011 instead of 2012... let's try this again: Just thought I would start a new thread for the current application cycle. Questions... stats... rumors... etc! My question is... for those applying... Read More

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    @saramisu: I'm sooooo happy for you! I still have to wait till 5 till I get home from work! It is such a relieve to know u got it haha
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    Quote from JFranklinfutureRN
    @ksog, have you taken micro yet? Anyone else at TRCC taking micro this summer? I am and Im a bit nervous about doing that and having so much to prepare for starting nursing in August! Ok, Im a bit nervous about EVERYTHING! I have breezed through A&P I & II but I have to be honest and say that BIO I was WAY harder for me. I felt like such a loser in that class. Ive heard terrible things about micro at TRCC. Terrible things...:uhoh21:
    . Hi JF I haven't taken my micro either but I signed up for the fall at TRCC and yes I'm afraid.
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    @saramisu and NEF CONGRATULATIONS!
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    Who else is in for GATEWAY??? I see not to many GWCC students with acceptance!
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    Congrats to everyone who got accepted

    Nursewannabe, praying you walk in to class with good news
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    Thank you so much! Good luck on your test
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    I've been following this thread for a while now and want to congratulate you all. I'm a student at ncc and I'm about to restart my pre reqs this fall. I hope to be where you all are in the not so distant future. Good luck to all!!!
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    Nursewannabe...some people in my micro class havent gotten theirs today so hang in there if urs hasnt come,
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    hi guys i am a silent reader of this forum but i am very excited to get into the nursing program. i just received my acceptance letter for NCC. i want to congratulate all that made it and pray for those who didn't.don't loosehope just keep trying your day will come.
    god bless!!
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    I'm in!!!!! At NVCC!!! Sooooo happy!!! Thanks guys!!!! It was a long bumpy road, now we made it have fun everyone and don't forget all the deadlines!!!!
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