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    Hello all,

    It's almost that time of year again! I'm applying to the 2011 class which the application period begins this november 1st. We have two months to prepare our applications! Anyone else applying? I've seen the support the last year's class has with this sort of thread and i figured there should be one started for 2011 applicants. What is your TEAS score? GPA? A&P I grade? What were the averages that the 2010 applicants had and they are now starting the fall 2010 program?? good luck!!!
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    Hi NIkki!

    I'm applying for 2011 too! I'm currently taking A&P1 and Chemistry at Gateway. My GPA is 2.8 and I'm scheduled to take the TEAS September 29th. How about you, what are your stats?

    I'm so nervous to take the TEAS, I plan on taking it twice.

    I'm looking forward to keeping up with everyone else while we apply!
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    I'm applying too!! Taking Micro, Teas is done A&P done.
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    Quote from studentnurseCT
    I'm applying too!! Taking Micro, Teas is done A&P done.
    Excellent! Which college are you applying to? I'm applying to Gateway.
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    CCC, GWCC, and ??
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    I am applying again, was put on the waitlist last year (not my year I guess). Hopefully this year is....
    Good luck to everyone!!!!!!!!
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    hey everyone,

    1st time i took the teas i got a 72.4%, re-took it today and got an 81.2%! if you study you'll be fine! i'm scheduled to take it again in october and i'm hoping for another 10 point increase! i currently have an A for my a&p I grade and a 4.0...which hopefully will last until my application is reviewed. i'm taking chem this semester and i'll be taking a&p II next semester. my best advice is to form study groups with your classmates and use the majority of your free time to study. if you don't understand something ask your teacher right away.. i used to be a 2.0 student years ago then returned to college. if i can do it anyone can! don't be discouraged just work hard!!
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    Congratulations!!!!!!!! Your stats look pretty good.....
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    Were are you applying?
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