Quinnipiac ABSN May 2011 Cohort

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    Hi Everybody,

    I was accepted here, and I'm hoping to connect with other students who were accepted as well as former grads who can help me decide if this is the right fit. I was also accepted to a few other schools and I want to be sure.

    If you're a former student and have a few tips, some knowledge that you wish you knew before starting the program, please post! Also if you were just accepted to the cohort starting this May, say hello! I'm moving from California, and looking for a roommate. I'd love to get to know others who are too!
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    My sister in law attends that school, but for their Vet Tech program. She said she loves it. My husband's family is from CT though, so she is used to the area. It will be a big change for you coming from CA but CT is beautiful and there is a lot to do there. Good luck!
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    It's crazy I have only heard good things about the school. It's far more expensive than my other options but it might be that you get what you pay for!
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    Moved to CT Nursing Programs Discussion forum
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    Also accepted to Quinnipiac's ABSN May 2011. Congrats on your acceptance! I moved here from So. Cal. (Loma Linda) just last summer. Where in CA are you from?

    Let me know if you need any tips about the area. Haven't been here very long, but have a basic idea of where things are. Best of luck with your move!
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    Congrats to those who were accepted!
    If any of you don't mind, what were your gpa's, and what type of extracurricular/work experience did you have prior to applying?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hi Megodette,

    Any particular reason why you moved out there so quickly? I will be looking for a place so I may have questions for you soon! Thanks for the offer! I'm hoping to find a roommate or two from the program, so if you know of anyone let me know!

    What have you heard about the program so far?

    I set up a facebook group if any body wants to get connected on there. Just search "Quinnipiac Accelerated Nursing Program" and it should pop up in the results.

    Chickago, I had some volunteer esperience, A's in my prereqs, and about a 3.6 for undergrad (my major was as far from nursing as you could get btw) I hope this helps!
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    Hey anne2424,

    Thanks for the info, I will check out the Facebook page. I moved because my husband matched to CT for residency so we will be here for a while.

    I keep hearing great things about Quinnipiac. Met a few teachers and psychology majors that went for undergrad and they loved it. I have yet to hear any negative things about the school. Their reputation in the area is good as far I can tell. The new Health Sciences building in North Haven is AWESOME!

    Hope we can find more people that are going, I'm still in classes and haven't found anyone that graduated in nursing or will be attending this May. I'll keep ya posted!
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    Hey Chickago,

    My undergrad GPA was about 3.5. I'm still taking the prereqs but so far all As. Very little volunteer experience, worked as a substitute teacher for 4 years (undergrad was elementary education) by the time I applied.
    Best Wishes!
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    Hi All,

    Also got accepted in the first week of Dec, and I spent the whole of Dec searching for Quinnipiac thread, just to have an idea about the school, but all efforts was to no avail. I eventually had to pay the deposit to secure my seat, but now am not sure if am starting, as I have other schools that offered me acceptance.

    My GPA was 3.64 from a Masters degree in Molecular & Cellular Biology, first degree was a professional degree, and all prerequisite were completed with A grades. Currently working as a Research Assistant Study Coordinator on an NICHD-funded Study.

    Btw congratulations to all those who got accepted!!!!

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