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Hi all, I'm in the interview process with Hartford Hospital and St. Francis Hospital (Yale-New Haven as well... but it's quite the commute) for medical/surgical telemetry. I've heard good and bad things about both. Any... Read More

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    Quote from Nurse-Julie
    Hi JJmath215,

    That's wonderful news about St. Francis! My question though is, you mention "new grad residency program". I was under the impression that St. Francis doesn't have a new grad residency program. They give 3 weeks of classroom learning and then 3 weeks with a preceptor and then you're on your own. How was it for you? Did you still receive support after the 3 week preceptorship was over?
    That is absolutly not true!! My residency was 6 months long as a new grad!! It was amazing and very supportive! After a year I switched to a critical care area and I had another 3 month orientation with a resource after that! This hospital is very supportive and you will always feel supported by other nurses!! Good luck
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    Any OR nurses at either hospital?? I'd love to ask you some questions! I'm at another CT hospital and will be looking to be at a hospital closer to home in a few years.

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