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    Anyone work at HH? What is it like to nurse there? Is everyone really as happy as the people we met at the open house this week? What are their differentials/pay like? Any other info?


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    I am waiting for the reply...I applied to that hospital as a graduate nurse and waiting to be accepted.
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    Quote from goodstudentnowRN
    I am waiting for the reply...I applied to that hospital as a graduate nurse and waiting to be accepted.
    Myself and a bunch of my classmates applied for the residency months ago and none of us have heard anything...hopefully you have more luck then we did.
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    Kat von B, Did you give them your resume....
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    hi i'm storklady and i worked in HH for over 20 years. it is an excellent hospital to work in. the are very updated in care of patients are are good to the nurses who work there. th realize that the nurses are key in care of the patients. thier pay scale is one of the best in CT, good luck in all you do ---nursing is a great field to be in today.......storklady
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    Quote from goodstudentnowRN
    Kat von B, Did you give them your resume....
    I gave them everything they asked for. And we all have experience as PCT's. Very frustrating!
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    Has anyone heard anything yet from Hartford Hospital? I heard from the Nursing Recruiter and she said that she was shopping my information around to a few hiring managers, but i haven't heard anything yet as of an interview or what not. What about you guys????
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    If you heard from the nursing recruiter, you are doing better than me!
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    I am very dissapointed with Htfd. Shadowed for a day in their Neuro ICU and the RN I shadowed was like wow you could take my pt's right now. When I sat with the manager she stated that she wanted me in their step down unit and when I expressed my disinterest and why she shut me out and actually stopped talking and started working on stuff at her desk (all this took less than 3 minutes) I asked her to please speak with the RN I shadowed and I got no response. I then said I guess I'll show myself out and still nothing, so I left. I went right to HR and they were extremely embaressed with her behavior but didn't seem overly shocked (guess this is a normal thing). Haven't heard anything since and I am going to write them off as a future employer. I don't think I would work for them after this experience anyway. Their loss and mine. Luckily I still have my current CCU job, but was looking for a little more "excitement" and a higher level of accuity.
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    I'm sorry you had such a bad experience, unfortunately I do not know the manager your spoke to, but I recently left HH to a different state I would not get discourage I worked in the sicu/ticu there for a little over 3 years and I immensely learned so much so I would not cross that hospital out of list.

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