CT Technical LPN/Financial Aid

  1. i am wondering if there is anyone outh there that graduated or even attended any one of the ct technical lpn programs.
    i have a serious concern.

    did anyone have to come up with $1350.00 for the first semester before or on the first day of class. despite that fact you were approved for the maximum of financial aid (pell grant)
    please i need a response from anyone asap!!
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  3. by   LPNEMSCT
    I graduated from Bullard Havens in June and I wasn't approved for maximum financial aid but I did receive some financial aid. We weren't initially told how much we were approved for but once we were told, the balance had to be paid a.s.a.p. There was a girl that didn't receive any financial aid and she didn't have the money to pay so the dismissed her from the program. I don't understand why if you got the maximum financial aid you would have to pay anything. Have you gotten anything in writing stating that you were approved?
  4. by   2ndcareerchange

    okay these are just suguestions.... This is kinda of a quick situation, so I'm not sure if you can apply these ......

    Can you get a payment plan with the school?? Can you borrow the money for your parents?? Can you take out a student loan with the bank? What about CT unemployment grant of $3000.00?? That one might take you a month to complete, but if you have this week, maybe you can get the classes overwith (there are 3 classes that are 4 hours each) and I did them in two days.... They will pay the school directly.... check on that.... just go to any unemployment office and ask about WIA or goggle it to find more info. In CT, you have to be unemployed OR make under $15.00 per hour. They have a list of schools and the CT Tech schools are on them... Remember YOU got in, dont panic or get an attitude, use honey to get help from the office, this CANT be the only time this happened. If it gets CRAZY, call Federal financial aide and tell them, they will help you.

    Let us know what happens,
  5. by   cuba757
    Ok so now i'm getting nervous too. I was just accepted into eli whitney on wednesday and I just turned in my financial aid info friday, which was the deadline date so I haven't heard anything yet. I'm pretty sure I will get the max pell grant, so even if I do there's a chance I will still have to pay out of my pocket?

    If that is the case I don't know what i'm going to do!
  6. by   iwillbanurse08
    Im not sure, but i think that $1350.00 is for supplies books, uniform ect. Does the pell grant cover supplies. Ask the school exactly what is the $1350 for.
  7. by   2ndcareerchange
    no, the $1350 is tuition, check the website.... and yes the pell grant does cover supplies....

    really I think you need to speak to the school about payments or see if they can just wait on the federal aide. Dont panic, the hard part of getting in is over, now its just staying. Keep asking questions, and dont just let them tell you they cant help if you are sure of the financial aide package. Check goggle and get the 800 number for federal aide and call them with this question, I'm moving and dont know what I did with the number.

    Stay encouraged.
  8. by   gemini08

    My girlfriend is going to Wright Tech in 2 wks and she has a $0 EFC which would make her very eligible for a full Pell Grant as well as the "max" in financial aid. I have helped her w/a lot of things relating to her preparation for school and she is not assertive at all and thinks that Wright Tech is so wonderful. I totally disagree and am wondering how much in financial aid my friend is going to receive. She believes she will be all set but I have doubted that for many weeks and esp. after reading these posts. Can anyone tell me if they too had a $0 EFC and if they received most of the monies for the program?? I know it is an unusual occurrence to have such an EFC. My friend was also chosen for verification which I know complicates things further. Has anyone been in that situation (needing verification)?

    Regi - My friend has earned between $12-15/hr working at a YWCA for the past 7 months but she will not be working at all after Aug. 15th. Can you tell me if she would be eligible for the WIA's grant? She recently became divorced and has 2 children she is supporting w/her ex. From what I'm gathering, it seems if my friend did not receive the full amt. of $1350, then she'd need to pay the balance to Wright Tech. If it turns out my friend was eligible for the WIA grant, would she be able to get the monies refunded that she would have paid to the school? Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  9. by   2ndcareerchange
    Here's the deal with WIA.... they (CT WIA) will give the school you pick the money BEFORE you start but not while or after you start. And of course they make you jump thru hoops to get this money.... like unneccessary "classes" which are during the day! that you have to complete in order to get the money. The classes are good for 12 months so if you "think" you might want to go back to school, do the classes now. If you are agressive, you can get the classes done in about 2 days... But tommorrow when the office opened I would be there checking the schedule for the class schedule and I would be open to being flexible on "where" I took the classes... so if the class you need is in Stamford and Bridgeport this week in order to get them over with, drive the distance. If its a state school, the state gives the school all of the money at once, if its a private school, "Bridgeport Hospital school of nursing" they will give them half the money when you start and the other half when you finish. Oh and they have the ability to put on ANY school that is accredited. Sometimes you have to go over the head of the person you are speaking to because they are SOOO lazy, but "I" spoke to the guy who does the approval of schools and this is a fact. I was looking to use the grant out of state and the beauty is if the school you are interested in is out of state, but takes WIA from its own state, they will take CT's WIA as well.

    Does this answer the question? If not just email me back. I hope your friend gets all the money entitled to her. And do you know if you dont use all your money, you get it back to use as you wish..... (like part of reimbursing you for gas, or transportation expenses, or housing expenses....)

    Anyway keep us posted.... hopefully the reason for the financial confusion is because of the busyness of the office, not because of anything else.

  10. by   gemini08
    Hi Regi,

    Thank you for this great info. I will tell my friend tomorrow. Hopefully she can go to the classes next week because she finishes her work this Friday. I'll tell her to call all over this week to inquire where she can take the classes. Wishing you all the best!

  11. by   TEE1978
    hello, where can I go and apply for this grant. I applied to one of the programs and waiting to get accepted (hopefully, fasting and praying). Thank you