CT tech lpn program

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    I just got accepted into vinal tech lpn program starting in jan 2011. did anyone else get into the program?
    If not, did anyone just graduate from the program? i need all the info i can get. This my first step to becoming an RN. happy!

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    Congrats! I received my acceptance letter to Bullard Havens LPN program last week and I'm super excited:heartbeat
    I mailed the $50 registration fee and I'm waiting on getting more information from the school. Congrats to the both of us!!
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    congrats! i can't wait. i just have to come up with the 10,000. lol
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    Yes. I got accepted in the Prine Tech school. I also sent off my $50 and waiting for the next set of information. TEE1978 what do you mean "come up with the 10,000?" There is finanical aid, right?
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    Congrats Toni0929!Federal Pell grant is available for those who qualify. I'm sure the school will send out information regarding your options. I know the orientation is on January 3rd but when will the program actually start?
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    well, I have a bachelors degree so I know I won't qualify for pell but am not sure about loans. We will see. Am also not sure when classes start. They didn't mention it in the letter. Congrats again!
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    Has anyone received more information regarding the registration process? physical? cpr classes? payments?
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    I have not heard anymore information reguarding physical or cpr classes. I believe we are suppose to have the cpr done before we enter the program. Also, the physical I believe is suppose to be done by 2 weeks before the program. I am just going off the information that is listed on the application. Does anyone know when the course exactlly starting. Wondering for work purposes so I can change my schedule for work. Anyone going to the Prince Tech School?
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    I believe the program starts January 10, 2011. I hope to get more information from the school soon. Good Luck to you!
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    I also got accepted into the CTTECH program at Eli Whitney for Jan 2011. The classes start Jan20th according to Anne Sinko the coordinator I spoke to her today Nov19th. you don't have to pay the full 10,000 up front just the 3400, and the finiancial aide package should help you get some info. Jan 3rd the orientation.

    Congrats everyone YAY!!!

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