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Hello, I just got accepted into vinal tech lpn program starting in jan 2011. did anyone else get into the program? If not, did anyone just graduate from the program? i need all the info i can get. This my first step to becoming... Read More

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    Hello Everyone,

    I'm also very excited about starting the LPN program next week but nervous as hell. I resigned from my full time job at BPT Hosp to follow my dream, so I really hope I made the right decision. I have two more textbooks to purchase and I'll be donethe textbooks were so expensive!! Was anyone told at orientation about wearing different color scrubs during theory? We were told at Bullard that we are not allowed to wear regular clothes for theory and a letter will be mailed out this week indicating the scrub colors that can be worn. Apparently, we are using the Olive scrubs and the lab coats for clinicals only.
    Hope everyone has a successful semester!!!

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    hello Toni,
    i can't wait to start. i don't have all my books. especially the fun book that cost 250. am a lil nervous but i can't wait to become a nurse!
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    I have not bought all my books yet either. Has anyone bought an International book to use during program? I see that they are much cheaper but I am a little scared to use them.Also, is anyone using an older edition of the books requested this time around? My teacher said that it was possible to use, but we had to use it at our own desgression. I also gave up my full time job to persue my dream, so I hope the change is worth it. My school, Prince Tech in hartford does not require us to wear scrub during theory, but we have to buy polo shirts with the school logo on it to wear to theory. On clinical days, I have to also wear the olive scrubs. I have not ordered that yet.

    I did not purchase the package set of books from the company they gave us. It was cheaper for the books, but with the shipping, it made it more expensive. I ordered my set from Amazon.com marketplace where there was a seller selling the items. He/she sold the set almost the same but with two items missing from the package. I said to my self that I would buy those items seperately on my own. The package was well worth it that way. Tee, maybe you can try it that way to get the items soon. I believe we need those books for the first week of school.

    Hope all is well for everyone. TTYL
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    I am excited and nervous to be starting. And we like jump right in it fromt he get go. I have to wear grey scrubs for the theory classes and the olive for clinicals which don't start until april so I'm not buying those until march. I got my other scrubs for really cheap at Uniformz on main street in bridgeport and they were by the same company so i knew it ok.

    i found out that some of the books are for the second semester like the med surg books so I didn't purchase those, i also choose not to purchase the med terms books because we only use them ONCE in this first semester, (we have the dictionary). I also got the older edition for the bio book since it was so darn expensive, the new one was printed 2010 and the older one 2009 what could have change about A&P that much??

    i actually found one of the other books at the library so I will go there and photocopy what i need and borrow it until they tell me i can't anymore. i wish i had known that i didn't need the mental health book right away I would have used that money towards other thing, but oh well.

    I'm looking for a overnite cna position as we speak.
    i also found some great study tips for everyone to use, i have been watching them over and over again so I won't be surprised when we get to that part of the course, she's a nurse and she teaches so these are great for review, this is her channel but go thru the videos one by one, just so you have an idea of whats to come:

    and these are just too funny:

    now im learning how to wake up early enough to make it to school by 745

    we should come back on and talk about our first week went YAYAY I can't wait
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    Hello grovelpn. I am so happy you shared that info..i bought the med term book from amazon but I didn't buy the workbook. I can't believe we will only use it once. I also purchase the mental health book. I didn't mention this in my other post but we have to wear any solid color crubs to class and the olive uniform to clinicals. We were told that clinicals start in march. I don't have to take bio and dev psy. I will ue that time to study for other subjects. I will be take my cpr on the 20th after class...am ready...
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    hello all. my textbook didn't come in yet. i have to read vol 1 chapter 20 of the foundamentals. can somebody please tell me what that chapter is about. or the title of that chapter. they just sent us that emaail like 10mins ago to read that chapter. thank you all.
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    Hey Guys
    How was the first day??
    Mine was OMigosh long. I'm not used to sitting in one classroom for such a long time; at least tomorrow there will be some varity in the schedule.

    Im both hoping it does snow and that it doesn't snow. Im excited I loved my first day, pretty tiring but it's going to be worth it,. Hope you had a productive and informative day, see you tomorrow.
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    Hi All,
    My first day was also long, but informative. Hope all is well with everyone. I'm still also waiting for my books to come in. I dont know what the problem is with the mail system but I ordered my books from the 6th of January and it was sent out on the 8th but it still has not reached here yet. I hope they come really soon otherwise I'm going to have to keep calling them up everyday until it gets here. TTYL.
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    I am waiting on the Fundamentals books, Im still not sure why they charge 18 for 3-6 day shipping, if they send via ups I generally pay like 26 and get there in 2 days. several people have complained about the company unfortunately they are the only one who carry it so cheap even though they just raised the price, Im going to be behind in class (not a good start). hopefully it will get here by Wed evening if not Im screwed for the first week.
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    Hello all,
    Hope everything is going well. How is everyone liking all the smow days we have had? I am kinda enjoying it cuz it gives me time to catchup on my reading for school. It is a lot of reading but I will get use to it.

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