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Hello, I just got accepted into vinal tech lpn program starting in jan 2011. did anyone else get into the program? If not, did anyone just graduate from the program? i need all the info i can get. This my first step to becoming... Read More

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    Yeah, it is definitely an expensive, and tough program.
    The good news is, you pay more but it's just a year long program, as opposed to 2 years for a CC or 4 year BSN that would cost A LOT more than Lincoln. In several cases, LPNs make just a little less than RNs. I tried for years to get into a program at a community college, and was just put on waiting lists which I got so sick of....so I just decided to take a risk, and do the program at Lincoln. Lincoln was definitely not my first choice, nor was doing an LPN program, I wanted either a Radiology program, or RN program and even BSN programs at Central and UHart. I tried to get in several programs but was either put on waiting lists, or had to jump through hoops and obstacles which I really didn't have time for. Lincoln was the one program that there were no obstacles, just a hefty price tag!

    From what I understand, Lincoln definitely helps you find a job. Of course there is no guarantee. Not sure what program your buddy went through that is having trouble finding a job, but there are definitely jobs out there. It's a plus to have connections in the field.

    Don't give up on the program, but if you don't feel comfortable having all that debt, then try a CC program to see if you can get in. You'll have to wait until next year though, as most deadlines were Feb 2011. Good luck with whatever you do.

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    Have you made a decision yet?

    Hope everything is working out.
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    Hello Everyone attending the state LPN Program How is it going? I'm attending the program at Bullard Havens and the amount of work that we get it's ridiculous. We get about 3-4 quizzes a week and an overload of HW. I started clinicals in March and so far so good. This week we have a cumalitive exam on Human Biology on 16 chapters and it's indeed very overwhelming for all the students. Hope everyone is doing well, hope to hear from you all soon

    ****Can't wait till June 16th the end of the first semester!!!
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    Hey YMBX,
    yes it is crunch time now so everything is becoming a little tough. I am at the Prince tech school and this week alone we have three exams, two which are the last bio exams. im just trying to get through the the bio because if you dont pass bio with a 75 or higher, you fail out the program. is it the same at your school?
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    Yeah, we are taking the BIO final this week and everyone is really worried. My average is okay but with that said I'm very worried as well. I've been studying very hard and hope to pass at least with a B...
    I hope we all do great! Keep me posted, I will let you know as well.. Take care
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    good luck guys!
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    Good luck to everyone! Hopefully we all pass!
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    How Did everyone do on the BIO exam. I passed! Hopefully everyone else did.
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    Hey Toni0929,

    I also passedI officially started the count down to the end of the semester We only have the Pharmacology and Fundamentals of Nursing finals... Wishing you a wonderful summer Keep in touch..
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    hi everyone! i go to kaynor..just wondering what everyone was doing right now in school? when is everyone getting out? were in till the 23rd..

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