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Started a new thread, since the other threads on this topic look like they are from last year. Okay, I just got my acceptance letter in the mail today!! I was going totally mental with anxiety, checking this board... Read More

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    You can actually order books through the library??? How is that possible? Wow, that is genius!

    I definitely think the books we would need our first semester would be important to purchase though. I believe it will serve as good reference material, especially when reviewing for the NCLEX. I know I wouldn't give up my AP book for anything!

    I have also heard that BHSN provides 2x more clinical time. I will let you know if and when it is confirmed by the school. I've found that the admission director at BHSN is great at responding to emails, unlike my experience with the community colleges. It takes me years just to get someone on the phone at NVCC, which has really been a turn off. I understand how busy they are with the application process right now, but to leave several different messages to several different people and have none of them returned after weeks of waiting is a little ridiculous.

    As a side note…. WHO LOVES THE SNOW!!! :heartbeat I can't remember the last time we saw this much here in NYC. It has been at least a few years so you can imagine the excitement!

    By the way, zero mail today. I'm almost wondering if the mailman even came yet due to the weather since I at least usually get one piece of junk mail. Oh well… guess I'll just have to be patient.

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    Gifts are always welcome! So if its a gift, take it! For this 1st semester we have 32hrs (4hrs x 8days) of lab clinicals and 120hrs of pt contact (7.5hrs or so x 16 clinical days). The 2nd semester will obviously have a lot more pt contact hrs.
    They might not release a book list until orientation and until everyone who is eligible for aid gets approved.. thats what they did with us..because its not fair to those people because they can't buy books until they get the $$.
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    Thanks for the info on the clinical hours at the CC's. That's a great basis for comparison purposes. From what I've heard about BHSN, clinical is once a week at the beginning of the program on either thursdays or fridays from 8am-2pm. I assume at least a half hour to an hour break for lunch, but I could be wrong. Clinical starts on the first week of school. It is a reinforcement for things that you learned in the lecture and lab earlier in the week. Then I think you pick up a second day of clinical when you get farther into the program. All together, you end up with twice as many clinical hours than the state requirement. I am still waiting to hear back on the exact number.

    I tend to agree with you in regards to the book list. It would make sense for them to hand it out at orientation. That gives students plenty of time to pick up the books before class, and figure out if they are going to use financial aid funds.

    By the way, when is it appropriate to start applying for financial aid? I've heard that you shouldn't apply too early since once approved they only hold the funds for so long.
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    Our cliinicals are on W & TH either 7-2:30ish or 3-10ish which is the same or better then BHSN. Apply for aid when it gets close to orientation.
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    Matt - during second semester of the first year, BHSN students have two clinical days a week from 7:30 to 2:30. This is based on a post I found from a current student. I'm not sure though what the clinical hours are like for second year students.
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    I'm in my second semester at Capital and we have clinicals tuesday and wednesdays from 7-1:30pm. So I don't think you will be getting twice as much clinical time as the CC. We start of in the lab for the first couple of weeks but then we are in our sites twice a week for the remainder of the semester.. It was the same way last semester also.
    I am sure everyone is getting about the same amount of clinical time...
    Ok back to studying... Good luck everyone.
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    Oh yeah. I tried the livescribe pen. I got tons of feedback and the recording quality was very poor. I do have a rather large class and we are in an auditorium so that may have contributed to the poor quality. In the end
    I traded it in for a 50.00 recorder which I rarely have a chance to listen to.
    My best piece of technology is my ipod touch. I downloaded a flash card application and I take that Ipod with me wherever I go...
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    Thanks for the info… that is definitely something to consider. I'm not really sure how the lectures at BHSN are set up so sound quality may be an issue if not seated close to the teacher. Probably a good question to ask during orientation.

    What flash card app do you have? Is it a pharmacology app program? That sounds like it would be helpful.
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    Msdeannah - I just found an interesting post outside of this site about the sound quality of the livescribe pen. I will quote the comments:

    Person 1: "When I was just recording my own voice as I was taking notes, the sound quality was excellent. It still remained at a good level with three people talking next to each other, but when testing it in a conference room, the sound quality dramatically dropped."

    Person 2: "When you were recording audio, did you use the headset? The audio quality is VASTLY superior in a large conference room or lecture hall when using the headset. (You don't have to necessarily plug the headset into your head, just the pen; there's provision to hang it around your neck). The stereo microphones in the headset work really well, and often I can hear things on the recording that I wasn't able to pick out live."

    Person 1: "I just did a test using the headset and you are absolutely correct, the recording is excellent."

    Did you try this? I bet most people wouldn't even think to attach the headset if they had no reason to use it for listening purposes. They also recommend using the headpiece to listen to the recording when playing it back, as this will significantly improve the playback sound quality.

    With this in mind, I think the biggest issue is not with the quality of microphone on the pen, but the quality of the speaker on the pen when being used for playback. The fellow I referred to as Person 1 above stated that after the headphone recording test he then went back and listened to the earlier recordings using the headset and he couldn't believe the difference in the sound quality.

    Perhaps those who currently have this pen may find this tip useful.
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    QVC sells a pen that appears to be much better than the Lightscribe pen. You can convert your notes into documents. Although I did not purchase it (have no use for it), I found it to be a handy tool. Would definitely try it out if I was continuing on to further my career..and the best thing is, QVC has a 30 day money back guarantee, so you might want to give it a try!

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