Anyone here going to Norwalk Community College?? Anyone here going to Norwalk Community College?? | allnurses

Anyone here going to Norwalk Community College??

  1. 0 Anyone?????

    Just want to say hi!
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    Hello! I go to Norwalk CC nursing Program..
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    I am due to start the program in January. Are you a student there or will you be?
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    Yes, I am a student there. I will graduate in May 2009..where are you from?
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    I''ll be returning to NCC in Jan to continue chipping away at my pre-reqs after a much needed hiatus...

    So, in your opinion(S) how is the program? Do either of you also work? I work full time and can't see myself being able to cut my hours any time soon...

    Good luck to you!
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    I am from West Haven. I will not be working when I begin school.
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    what did you guys get into NCC with gpa wise if you dont mind sharing?
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    honestly, i dont even remember by GPA.
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    Hi Everyone!! I was hoping someone couuld help me!! I'm bugging out here... I received an email from NCC today saying that they didnt receive ANY OF MY INFORMATION other than my application.. I spoke with 2 people from the universities which I attended and they both said they sent them out and I also spoke w/ my high school guidance counselor who also said they were sent out.. they said they didnt receive my ATI-TEAS either.. which is the only thing that concerns me.. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if you had to get the scores SENT to the college, I was under the impression that if I took the test at NCC then they had my results... was I wrong to assume that? On the application it asks for the grades and where u took them and then it says to list any other school if you took it somewhere different.. PLEASSEE someone let me know if they sent them out.. cause if so I need to jump on this within the next 24 hours. thanks so much
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    Hi Coolbean,
    It's important that you get on that immediately. If the school says that they have not received your grades, test scores etc then chances are that they have not. I had to send my transcripts 3 (yes 3) times. I'm not sure if they got lost on someone's desk, if the mailman is using them as coasters, or if they were never sent out. Either way you need to have them resent and then you need to keep following up until their receipt is acknowledged. Also, NCC told me they never received my TEAS scores as well even though I too took the test at the college. So they allowed me to submit a copy of the print-out showing my score from the ATI website. See if they will allow you to do this.

    Good luck
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    Hi -- I totally understand your frustration. This morning I got an email from Gateway that said they were missing proof of my H.S. completion and proof that I took English comp -- but a couple of weeks ago I got confirmation from the school that my nursing application file was complete. When I called the school in a panic this morninig, I found out the email was sent in error (computer system problem), and that several other candidates had already called the school with similar problems.

    You should call NCC -- maybe they're experiencing similar computer problems. As for the ATI-TEAS test, they should have access to your scores since you took the test at NCC. To be on the safe side, just print out your results from ATI's site and bring them to NCC.

    Good luck!
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    Capital sent me an email saying they didn't receive my a&p grade. of course not I'm taking it now and I sent a copy of my current registration. They also said they did not receive my teas test results. I didn't realize I had to have the official scores sent when I took them at another cc. I did it today. Hopefully they will consider my application complete. It actually is complete so they should.
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    Hi everyone!!(thanks to all of you that responded back to my insane post jan 30th) ahhaha.. luckily I figured everything out ( I think) I recently got into BHSON and I am still waiting on NCC. I have a question for any of you that are currently attending NCC.. I should probably know this but I'm sort of confused.... I am lookin at the program plan, that shows you the classes you are suppose to take per semester.. When you are doing clinicals, are the clinicals included in your nursing classes.. For example, if I'm taking 12 credits a semester, do I take clinicals on top of that? or is it included in the nursing classes.. I'm not sure if im explaining this correctly at all, haha but if you have any idea what I'm saying please let me know.. otherwise I'll try to think of way to rephrase it(I've been working 12 hours, im not thinking clearly at the moment) thanks again