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Hi everyone, At 35 yrs old I just figured out what I want to do with my life. After coming to this decision after a long thought process, I have enrolled at FRCC (Front Range Community College) and... Read More

  1. by   GeneralJinjur
    I had a 3 year wait for a different CC in Colorado. I completed my BSN prereqs during that time since I knew I'd either A) get them done and get into a BSN program or B) have them ready for an RN-BSN program. My number came up a little quicker than I anticipated, so I went with the CC and graduated in Dec.

    I took both Patho and MAT 103 before nursing classes and they were both very useful. I also tutored for both those classes before I graduated. There is a ton of pressure to get Patho done before 2nd semester and lots of people try to cram it into the summer before. It's a tough class and your best bet is to take it in person during the fall or spring so you have 16 weeks to process all the information. The concepts come in very handy during your med/surg classes, which is another reason I think it ought to be a prereq, rather than a coreq for med/surg I. Anyway, some of my classmates took it as much as 18 months before they started the nursing classes and they were fine.
  2. by   emom
    Hi gals. I am at frcc larimer also. I start the program either next fall or spring. I have a previous bachelors and I'm still doing prereqs. I have been waiting one year, so total it will be 1.5-2 year waitlist. With a bachelors you just get to do prereqs while you are on the waitlist. Can you tell me what nursing classes are like? Is it as stressfull as I hear? Thanks for any help.
  3. by   mtnsandsky
    Congratulations on making the jump to nursing school. Forty years old is young! I just began at FRCC August of 2011 and I'm 55 years old. I believe the current waitlist is a bit longer than it was when I put my name on it. I was told by an instructor that they are up to 400 on the current list. They brought in 42 students for my class. Make sure you take your pathophysiology class while you're waiting to get in, and be sure to brush up on your math skills. Might be a good idea to purchase a nursing math book and practice your dimensional analysis. There's a lot to do when school starts, but as long as you keep up with everything you'll do just fine.
    I did find out it's important to actually remember the things you learn in your science classes, not just get them out of the way. FRCC instructors have been great. They care about their students and we were told that they have a 98% NCLEX pass rate.

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    Hi everyone,
    At 35 yrs old I just figured out what I want to do with my life. After coming to this decision after a long thought process, I have enrolled at FRCC (Front Range Community College) and plan to enter their nursing program. I have a few concerns and a few questions that I am hoping someone on here can answer. I was looking at the classes you need to be placed on the waitlist and determined that I am looking at 4 semesters of school prior to be being placed on the Waitlist because I need 4 Biology courses. Needless to say that was a little disappointing but doable especially because I will be able to go full-time and work only part-time. My main worry is the length of the Waitlist. The school says that it is 1-2 years but I wanted to hear from actual students what their experience has been on Waitlist. I know 35 is young, but if i go to school for one year, then have to wait 3 to get into a program which is another year I will be 40 and just entering the workforce ... I look forward to everyone's responses!

    PS- I will getting my CNA this summer so I will have as well
  4. by   Uhmanda
    Okay I want to make sure I understand this correctly. I was told that if I apply before May 31st 2012 that I would be put on the waitlist ( for individuals who have a B.A. already). I have taken Stats the only thing that I haven't taken yet was the science classes. I was under the impression that I would be accepted if I take those science classes before I start the program. Lori said the wait is a year and a half which is perfect for me bc I am moving around due to my husbands job( AF) and would be back in CO around that time. Is that time an esitmation?
  5. by   mtnsandsky
    When I got on the Front Range Community College waitlist I had to have my Biology, Anatomy and Physiology I, and II done, as well as my Microbiology. These were requirements prior to getting put on the waitlist.

    Just so you know, after May 31st this year, they will not accept any more waitlist. They are going to competitive entry. They will get everyone on the waitlist into school over the next 3 years and then the competitive entry will begin.

    It is a good program, and the instructors really seem to care about us. Next week is our final and I'll have one year of nursing school done!
    Good luck,
  6. by   Boxer Mama
    I also heard that the last class or two from the waitlist might be mixed with some competative students as well to make the numbers work out. Keep checking the website for updated information since the exact requirements to apply to the program are not known yet.
  7. by   LVN needs help
    hi, i am currently an lvn working full time graveyard. i would like to go back to school for my rn. im considering 30 unit option because i plan to stay at my current job. many of my co workers are doing the college network and then transferring to indian state university online. i see the prices and book cost, i cant afford to dish of money plus i pay for my kids tuition. i qualify for financial aide but for the college network there is no help with cost.
    does anyone know the 2012 wait list for rn programs in la county. i seen many old post and i have a sister who is considering apply for the rn program. so many community colleges say different things to different students.

    does anyone one know of any good schools or advice to get me.