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I applied for the Fall for the FNP Program. Anyone applying to UCCS as well?... Read More

  1. by   TJGJRN
    I will be full time. I'd love to chat offline and get your take on the first semester
  2. by   Slhengy
  3. by   Steffanie4RN
    I have been accepted into the fall cohort but I am wondering if 11 semesters is too long. I got into another school that is part time 7 semesters but is more expensive. It's hard to swallow a 4 year program that is not a DNP.
  4. by   TJGJRN
    I am FT at UCCS Master's FNP and looked at many other programs though only applied to this one. My decision was based on the requirements of each program and my years of experience, work hours, and personal responsibilities. This school seemed to work the best for me. Without knowing what other school you are considering I can only answer in general terms.
    I wonder how much you will get from a 7 semester part time program? But, if you are a confident, experienced RN, know what niche you want to work in when done and have time to cram your clinical hours into your life/work schedule then the 7 semester might be good.
    From what I have heard from my classmates PT at UCCS will give you a lot of time in your personal life. You may want to double up on classes for a semester or two and finish in fewer semesters.
    Best of luck with your decision!