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Slhengy has 10 years experience and specializes in Cardiac, Ortho, Med/Surg, ICU, Quality.

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  1. Slhengy

    Went Home Dilaudid in Pocket

    This is exactly why we shouldn't get into the habit of carrying medications in our pockets. I don't even carry my narcotic lock box keys in my pocket because I know people have taken them home before. I work for the Sheriffs office and they will come to your home if things are missing.
  2. Slhengy

    FNP Nurse Practioner in Colorado Springs

    I am just now looking for my practicum sites. So far I have a verbal commitment for a county jail, an Urgent Care and a SNF. I still have to look for a women's health clinic and a PEDS clinic. You just have to put yourself out there and visit a few places. Put together a CV and be prepared to interview on the spot when you walk into a facility. Always leave them your resume and CV.
  3. Slhengy

    FNP Nurse Practioner in Colorado Springs

    Sadly, Colorado loses it's new NP's to other states after passing the boards, due to the 1000 hours that we have to be "supervised" by a physician to gain prescriptive authority. The problem we are running into is that all of the job postings require established prescriptive authority. How can we get the supervision that is required by the Colorado Nursing Board if we can't get jobs because they all want established prescriptive authority. No one wants to work with new NP's. After I graduate and pass boards, I am moving to another state that has minimal to no supervision requirements. I don't have 3 years to waste making next to nothing and having to log my hours. As for UCCS, it's a great school but be prepared to look for your own practicum sites.
  4. Slhengy

    Intimidated by Younger Nursing Students

    I was 37 when I completed my RN, 43 when I completed my BSN and I am now 49 working on my FNP. You can do this! Do not let ANYONE intimidate you! Go in to your class with confidence and tell yourself repeatedly that you can handle this! You will have the same kind of pressures when you are a practicing RN so use self talk to get you through.
  5. Slhengy

    Correctional setting or clinical setting??

    I am a BSN currently working in a jail and also pursuing my FNP. I plan to work here as an NP once I graduate.
  6. Slhengy

    Correctional setting or clinical setting??

    I would work PRN for both the hospital and jail and see which one you like better. I bet you like the jail better. Hospitals are notorious for overworking their nurses to the point of them leaving the industry completely. Also there is more stress to deal with in a hospital.....family members, demanding patients, standards of care, core measures, joint commission, diagnostic tests, entitled patients, a$$hole doctors, dietary inclusions, physical therapy, case management, micro managing, etc. All this AND you make less.
  7. Slhengy

    Correctional Nursing Pros/Con and Environment

    I haven't done any of those things that you listed and I don't think it is fair to assume that any nurse has or compare us to inmates. That is stretching it a bit.
  8. Slhengy

    7 Things You Weren't Taught in Nursing School

    Just because you have not seen bullying in 40 years in YOUR workplace does not mean that it does not exist. It sure in hell does! Hospitals are run rampant with nurses who bully other nurses and staff. No need to look internally for that one.....it's all up in just about every hospital I have worked in.
  9. Slhengy

    University of Colorado Colorado Springs (FNP)

  10. Slhengy

    UCCS Traditional Program Part time?

    I should clarify that this is for the BSN and MSN programs. Not RN.
  11. Slhengy

    UCCS Traditional Program Part time?

    Yes, they have a part time program where you take only one class per semester but it will take you 4 years to complete. It's just me and the hubby so we moved in with friends for 2 years so I could quit work and go to school full time.
  12. Slhengy

    University of Colorado Colorado Springs (FNP)

    I am in the Colorado Springs program because it's 100% online except for practicums.
  13. Slhengy

    University of Colorado Colorado Springs (FNP)

    Are you attending part time or full time?
  14. Slhengy

    University of Colorado Colorado Springs (FNP)

    I am finishing my first semester and will start my second semester in January with the 45 hour assessment practicum. I don't think they will allow you to do all hours at once. Instead of a practicum, I am going to the university and doing the assessment lab from 5:00-8:00 pm on Wednesday's for 15 weeks. Let me know if I can help answer questions.
  15. Slhengy

    Wearing Scrubs Outside of the Workplace

    I wear a long sleeve shirt under my scrub top and I just remove the scrub top and wear my shirt if I have an errand to run.
  16. Slhengy

    Scared! want my cake and eat it too

    I just read an article from a hospital recruiter about job hopping and they are encouraging people to do this to gain better experience. She said ten years ago it would have been frowned upon but now they are more interested in what you learned from the jobs you were previously at and how you can use your experiences in the current job you are applying for. It was kind of refreshing to hear that.

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