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I was hoping someone could shed some light on Concorde Career College. I really want to go to nursing school at the local community college but I'm a little frustrated with all the pre reqs and the... Read More

  1. by   Racinda
    No it's not to good to be true the community college route is a joke and a ploy to get people to spend extra money a nurse does not need all the prerequisites that a community college makes you take it's ridiculous the way the whole education system is set up
  2. by   Racinda
    Don't go the community college way that's ridiculous at the amount of time and money you pay nurses don't need all those prereqs
  3. by   Ryandoug72
    Is anyone looking to go to Concorde in Denver in July 2017?? I have goals to be a BSN and possibly MSN, but I just lost my fulltime job. So with that being said I want to start my nursing career very soon since I'm 44!! . Do you think its possible to go to Concorde for LPN and keep adding on to my degree?
    Thanks Everyone