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I was hoping someone could shed some light on Concorde Career College. I really want to go to nursing school at the local community college but I'm a little frustrated with all the pre reqs and the... Read More

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    So the original person that posted this is in Denver not Texas so idk how the Texas info is relevant. But what is required to be a licensed RN is that its accredited by your state board of nursing...which this school is for the RN program. I have yet to see a non traditional school get recognized by ccne or the other accrediting agency but that does not prevent you from working at all. Unless you are trying to get a high position right out of school which you wouldn't get with an ADN anyway, most places that hire are only looking at your grades and that you're licensed.

    Its totally your decision but do your own research and ask about experience... The other stuff can be found on your local state board website.
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    There are many non-traditional schools that are either ACEN or NLNAC accredited. For instance, WGU. Many job listings state that you must have a "BSN from an accredited institution" and the vast majority of graduate programs require the same.

    With all the ACCREDITED programs out there that don't cost $80,000 to attend, I think anyone who chooses Concorde for their RN/BSN is incredibly foolish. Buyer beware.
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    Check with the BON in your state before starting any program. In Colorado, Concorde is NOT accredited. In some states it may be.
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    If you don't mind the drive, try Morgan Community College. They are nationally accredited and it is a little over 2 years start to finish for ADN. That's where I went and from experience taking my NCLEX after completing their program was cake!! Our class had a 98% pass on NCLEX, and trust me that's something you need to look into when picking a school. Sure you can pass the program but if you can't pass the NCLEX what's the point! I know others who went to other colleges, got a 4.0 GPA and they still couldn't pass the NCLEX. From our class only 4 of us were local, the other 12 were from the front range. Worth the drive.
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    Just out of curiosity, I was looking at NCLEX pass rates for Colorado schools - Pikes Peak Community College has had a 100% pass rate for three years in a row! And it wasn't just a few people, either - over 200 students!
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    I've read a lot about Concorde Career College in Texas not good at all.Does anyone know about the lpn program in Denver?Students wrote bad reviews about Texas.Thanks
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    Don't do it. A, it does not have NURSING program accreditation, so it will be very hard to matriculate into an Associate's degree program. B, it costs about $25,000. For an LPN program. Go to a community college and pay $5000 (if even that).

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