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Anyone out there who attends or is about to attend platt college??... Read More

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    All the graduate programs I looked at just want the BSN from an NLN accredited school, so I don't see why they wouldn't accept a Platt degree. But as always, do your research. Ask some of the schools you might be interested in if they will accept it.

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    After reading the ENTIRE thread, I feel much more confident in actively pursuing going to school at Platt. I want to commend Mr BSN and Raicho and some of the other posters who were patient, well informed and stayed super positive in every post. CLEARLY you have had a great experience at Platt.

    I am currently residing in MI and wanting to go to nursing school in the Denver area. I'm aware of the specifics of transferring credits to Platt (as far as gen ed courses with a 'C' or higher within the last 10 years and nursing courses within the last 5 years with a 'B' or better). I'm wondering if anyone has any information or personal experiences on how their credits transferred and what their work load was like as a result. I have about 2 years worth of gen ed/nursing pre reqs. that I would be looking to transfer in the spring. My HOPE is that if enough of my credits transfer in allowing my work load to be significantly lighter the first year, ultimately giving me a little extra time to have a full time job and get settled into the area after moving.

    The small class size and focus on the individual is really appealing, not to mention the extra clinical time and how friendly the staff has been so far. As I mentioned before, I have read the entire thread so there's no need to repeat the information previously given. It's quite clear that some of the problems that were initially there during the first couple years of the program, are no longer issues (not serious ones anyways). I'm more looking for feedback from current or recent students. Thanks so much! So thankful to have stumbled upon this resource.

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