Paranoid student requires help regarding ASN. Help Please?

  1. I'm a CNA trying to go to get my ASN. Many naysayers have me extremely worried that I'll have a hard time finding work with only an ASN (I hope to go to Concorde to avoid the huge waitlists). So a few questions...

    A: Is it hard to find nursing jobs as an ASN?

    B: Is it harder to get into hospitals without a BSN?

    C: Is there a bias against Concorde nurses?

    Any help would be tremendously appreciated
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  3. by   Sand_Dollar
    I can't answer your questions since I am finishing up my pre-reqs and will be applying to a BSN program myself. However, before you decide on Concorde, I would look at their NCLEX pass rates. For 2010 they were at 61.54%, the lowest in the state. Perhaps you might be better off going to a smaller community college, I'm sure the difference in cost would pay for expenses.

    Good luck!
  4. by   SummitRN
    1. It is hard for anyone to find a job.

    2. Some hospitals only take BSNs for new grad jobs.

    3. Yes, it is a for profit school. If you don't want a wait list, find a merit based ADN program like CMC or go for a BSN.
  5. by   nurse2033
    It's the RN that matters. There are a few hospitals that require BSN. I would get the ASN and start working, you can get your BSN later.
  6. by   mandyc
    I did not have a problem finding a job with my ADN but, have continued on to get my BSN. I graduated with my RN in May of 2009, and even in that short time period the nursing market has become very competitive . If you want to stand out above the rest of the applicants I truly believe you need to strive towards improving in the field you have desired as a career. This means taking CEU classes, joining an organization to improve quality of care of patients/nurses (Colorado Nurse Association or other organizations) and such. It does show that you are placing importance in self improvement and are the type of person that wants to grow and become efficient in your career. Just a suggestion anyway. I do know that certain school graduates do have a harder time obtaining employment then others, I am not for certain if this has to do with the school itself or with the applicant/resume process. There are too many variables to tell for sure. There are MANY applicants right now..for not so many nursing positions. Its tough out there!
  7. by   klone
    Many hospitals will only hire new grads with BSNs. If you have an ASN, you shouldn't have a hard time finding work if you have a few years of experience.