New Grad Pay Denver "atleast" $28?

  1. 0 Ok, I just wanted to start out with saying I KNOW this is a topic that has been beat like a dead horse but I dont know where else to ask this:wink2:

    I was wondering in the DENVER METRO AREA what a new grad RN ADN is looking at making?

    A friend and I have been told soooo many different ranges from starting at at $30 to making $40 as a travel nurse right out of school so I figure I would come here and ask. We are both looking at working in hospitals hopefully after we graduate and like others have said most of the hospitals dont post salary ranges on their websites.

    Thanks in advance for all your help
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    You can look to make "at least" $23/hr. as a new grad. I'm sure you can find somewhere that pays a bit more and maybe a bit less. But from my research new grads can make at least $23/hr in the front range.
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    It depends on what shift you want to work......night shift differential is around $5-$6/hr from my experience. Some places pay extra for weekend shifts. And if you work PRN (no benefits) the hourly pay is substantially higher, but you need experience for that.
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    I thought $23 or so was about right but I have heard soooo many things and I know every company is different. I guess all I will have to do is pretty much wait and see
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    I don't know about other facilities, but if you call the HR dept. at my hospital, they will tell you the salary range for each position they are hiring. Denver Health lists those ranges on their website, and they are pretty competitive.
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    Denver Health's website was really helpfully and made me feel a lot better to be honest! I am going to call around to HR departments too
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    Quote from Coloradogrl
    Denver Health's website was really helpfully and made me feel a lot better to be honest! I am going to call around to HR departments too
    So, did you find anything appealing from HR?
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    new grad here working in denver making $23.91 base (before differentials). this is with some credited prior experience working as an EMT in a hospital.
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    Some Centura hospitals Pay $24/hr and change with $5 differential for nights and $3 for weekends as a new grad. They also offer classes and preceptors for their new grads.
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    I started out at $25/hour and $4 differential for nights. I am in an outpatient clinic though not a hospital.
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