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  1. Hello all, im an RN looking at moving to Colorado next year from England. My main motivation is the (percieved) lifestyle of hot summers and 'proper' winters with tons of skiing - is this correct? Can you advise me as to whether Colorado is a pleasant place to live - bearing in mind i will be bringing my wife and 4 year old son across also. I am an avid mountain biker - the famous Vail area is the initail attraction to the area, but good schooling/housing and quality of environment for my family are the prime concerns along with crime - us brits do have this image of gun toting nutters on every street corner. Do you have any suggestions as to pleasant areas with decent working environments. All advice will be greatly appreciated.

    PS - could someone explain about the CGFNS, what it is etc.
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  3. by   LisaRN2B
    Originally posted by CupidStuntUK
    - us brits do have this image of gun toting nutters on every street corner. Do you have any suggestions as to pleasant areas with decent working environments. All advice will be greatly appreciated.
    :roll Not to worry, it's not like that. There IS crime, but not as severe as that.

    I am not from Colorado, but I have a best friend who lived out there for many years and LOVED it! She is an avid skier, though has no spouse or children.

    If you decide to move to the States, welcome and enjoy! I am sure there are many on this board from Colorado who will be glad to share their opinions. Good luck to you.
  4. by   CCU NRS
    Not from Colorado either but I always hate it when I look at my posts and see 42 views and one post. N E way I love Colorado for vacationing however I am not really sportsman don't ski or mountain bike but it lovely country and the people seemed nice every time I have been there about three times. I wouldn't expect to see gun toting on the streets but in Colorado you will probably have many gun enthusiasts. Crime is probably not too bad especially in the rural areas.

    Best of Luck with all your plans.

    PS - could someone explain about the CGFNS, what it is etc

    I don't know these initials what do they stand for I might be able to find info If I knew
  5. by   CupidStuntUK
    Wow - quick reply, many thanks Lisa. I'm glad the crime comment was taken lightly, i thought it might be taken a bit too seriously after i had pressed the 'post' button. I'm only in the 'consideration' phase at present, but the more i do consider it, the more itchy my feet are getting - I'm presently in senior management, basically taking charge of the hospital on nights (its 0530 at the moment), i have no beds left, no staff, and not much happiness, and its bloody freezing outside - all cracking fun eh?

    Are there any other states that provide a similar lifestyle to Colorado, and do you know about the cost of living please?
  6. by   nightingale
    I am on the NorthWEst Slope, about 2 hours from Vail. Yes, the summers are hot and the winters awfully cold (in the mountains).

    Cost of living is somewhat high paying about 900 in rent with luck at clearing $700 weekly after taxes with potential up to $800 or 900 weekly at my job.

    I do home health and it "all depends" on the weeks work of hours put in. I do tend to work two jobs to get in as many hours when "I" want to work so I do not have to be available 24/7.

    The hospital boosts $ 24-27 per hour for a 5 year experienced RN working days with a $ 1 differential for nights. YOu usually work 36 to 40 hour weeks; they do not like to pay overtime.. believe me.

    It really is lovely here; ther are red cliffs in the distance, plenty of hiking areas, natural bosque for observing the wild life (mostly birds there), skiing is great with an hour to two hours drive in just about any direction. I too do not ski anymore but this is the state for those that do (there are many other states that can accomodate skiiers). Colorado Boasts that dry clean snow that does not usually get too icy or sticky.

    Colorado also boasts a population that is the thinnest in the states; it is probably due to the incredible oppourtunities for outdoor life of camping, canoeing, and many sports addictions you can and many do partake in.

    Come on down! We would love to have ya!
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    I am currently going through the process with the CGFNS and they have a few roles but in my case they are certifying my training and ensuring that I meet the same criteria as RN training in the states (well that is how I see it) and from reading other threads it will be soon necessary for immigration to have the CGFNS. Then you have to apply to a nursing board and sit the NCLEX and then once the NCLEX is done it is then the long process of Immigration which can take up to 12-18 months. Hope that is of help, feel free to PM if you want to
  8. by   CupidStuntUK
    Silverdragon, which company are you using to get across to America - O'Grady Payton seem to be the biggest from what i can find, but if you know of any others who are useful i would appreciate it. Where are you planning on going? I see you are in West Yorkshire - anywhere near Halifax? Does anyone know of any good online city/state guides that wiould help my decision?
  9. by   dedicatedstdnt
    Well, I have lived here in Colorado all of my life. If you want the traditional winters the areas around Vail would be perfect. It is also suitable for a family. Hope this helps and hope you enjoy.
  10. by   RoseYonnex

    I live in Breckenridge, CO. I am taking pre-reqs to get into nursing school.

    The main hospital in Summit and Eagle Counties is in Vail. It is called Vail Valley Medical Center. There are satalite "stations" around the counties. I would just go to their site to see if you can get any info on salaries.

    My husband lived in Vail for 10 years and taught skiing at for Vail Resorts. (That is the company that owns Vail, Beaver Creek, Keystone, Breckenridge, and Arapahoe Basin ski areas.) Vail has the most acerage-wise for skiing of all the resorts. My husband hates the skiing in Breckenridge compared to Vail!!

    Vail, out of all the places in Summit and Eagle Counties, is the most expensive place to live. Most people in Vail proper are second homeowners and not "locals". The locals tend to live on the outskirts of Vail in Avon, Edwards, Gypsum, Eagle because it is too expensive.

    Housing in Vail ranges on the low end a house for $350,000 and up. One-bedroom condos start at $120,000 approx. Townhomes for $250,000 approx. Something to keep in mind is, in general, the closer you live to the ski lifts, the more expensive.

    The mountain biking (we are big mountain bikers) is great in Vail. There are trails all over.

    Also, not too far away is also Moab, UT (3.5 hrs away) and Fruita, CO (2.5 hrs away near Grand Junction). Moab is a mountian biker's paradise. They have "slick rock" to ride on. Hard rock formations that your tires grip very well on. It is definitely advanced riding and too much for me!! But, my husband can't get enough of it. Fruita, CO is more intermediate and beginner riding, and it is my favorite place!

    The summers here are the best, 80 degrees every day. They are short, but beautiful.

    Any other question, feel free to email me!

  11. by   zambezi
    Hello...well, I don't live in CO but Oregon in another state you could look into we. There are lots of fun, outdoorsy things to do here, great weather (in most places...), and the cost of living is decent depending on where you live. Bend is a nice little town with a good ski mountain (granted, it is no vail...) Lots of hiking, biking, fishing, back roads, various ski mountains, etc. Anyway good luck in your decisions...
  12. by   2ndCareerRN
    I did a 6 month stint in Colorado Springs. A very nice town.Lots to do in the area. Easy drive to ski in the winter, and lots of four wheeling in the rest of the year. Lots of mountain areas for hiking and biking.

    You should also look at washington state. Everything you want, and more. Close to ski, distinct seasons (at least in the eastern part), and no state income tax.

    Come on over, I promise I won't go beserk and pull out my gun and start shooting everything in sight.


    (I am one of those gun toters, but you would never know it, unless you got very personal with me!!)
  13. by   Nurse Soc Mom
    I have lived in Colorado all my adult life and all my nursing career. Vail is very expensive. Your best bet would be to work in the Denver area such as Golden, Littleton areas and you would only be an hour away from the ski resorts. The weather is nice hot summers, mild to cold winters. There is plenty of positions for RNs and lots of incentives, bonuses, moving allowances, etc... There is plenty of things for your kids and family to do. Good luck!
  14. by   Dixen81
    I'm not from Colorado, but welcome to the states! Hope you and your family find a wonderful home! Best wishes!