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  1. 0 I saw a couple similar threads about LPN jobs, but I wanted to ask for myself.

    I will be a new grad soon and I'm thinking of relocating. In my area, we have a few jobs (better than some places!) but not nearly enough for all the nursing students who will be graduating.

    A little about myself- I'm graduating with my BSN in May. I have very good grades and I go to a very good university in the midwest. I haven't worked as a CNA but I was a nurse at a camp this summer, and I've been working as a pharmacy technician for almost 3 years. I'm interested in NICU, pediatrics or OB, but honestly I would work pretty much anywhere that would hire me.

    Are there any jobs for new grads out there? Or should I skip the applications there and apply elsewhere?
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    My understanding is that the job market in CO for RNs without experience is VERY tight. Your best bet would be to apply to a nurse residency program.
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    I'm with klone, internships are great way to get started.
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    CO has about the worst job market in the US for new grads except for maybe CA.
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    I'm looking into internships, hopefully that will help. Thanks for the heads up about the job market!
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    I graduated last May and moved to Colorado the same month. Still looking for a job with no leads....
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    I work in a LTACH, Long Term Acute Care. No this is not a nursing home..hence the "long Term" title. Everything you learned at school is here, vents, trachs, pumps, drips, wounds. It mostly contains people with their primary diagnoses (everything under the sun and then some ), with complications such as respiratory failure, dialysis, dehissed wounds and so on. It is great experience and they hire new grads and LPNS. Although, this place can be completely insane due to being a new area of nursing and decreased funding, It's a great place for experience and then run for the hills!!!!! They do pay more than regular hospitals. I started out at 26 a hour as a new grad.