Denver School of Nursing is now NLNAC Accredited!

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    i just received this email from dsn yesterday. as a graduate from the bsn program last year i'm so proud of my school! i knew they would get it. this just confirms what a ton of people in the medical field already know about the high quality of the programs at dsn. here's the email from the president.
    dear graduate,

    denver school of nursing is pleased to announce great news! dsn’s associate degree in nursing and bachelor of science in nursing programs have been accredited by the national league for nursing accreditation commission (nlnac).

    we received word august 6, 2012 that both programs received unanimous recommendations for nlnac accreditation, considered by many as the “gold standard” for nursing accreditation. the attached announcement provides details about dsn’s initial accreditation.

    this achievement is a direct result of student and graduate participation, our faculty’s dedication, and unwavering support from community partners such as you. denver and its surrounding communities should be proud that their nursing campus has been recognized for outstanding achievement through nlnac accreditation. it’s a recognition worthy of celebration.

    thank you for your ongoing encouragement and support during our successful nlnac accreditation process.

    marcia bankirer

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    Does this mean that you can now go on to graduate school? Or does that have to do with CCNE accreditation?
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    I've talked to a few of my friends that still attend the BSN at DSN and they said that the school has aleady had graduates get accepted in Masters degree programs at several Universities like CU Colorado Springs, Duke, Tulane, Georgetown, U of California at Irvine. They found out yesterday that Regis said that they would now accept applications from DSN grads for their Masters programs. This is so cool!!
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    That is wonderful!!!! If everything goes according to plan, I should be in the 2013 Associates to BSN program!
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    Is DSN regionally accredited? UCD, Metro, UNC, and Regis will only accept credits from a regionally accredited school.
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    Quote from Ysmith83
    Is DSN regionally accredited? UCD, Metro, UNC, and Regis will only accept credits from a regionally accredited school.

    DSN is NOT regionally accredited by HLC. They are still a candidate.
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    You're right that DSN is a candidate for HLC accreditation (it's right on their website). I've been told by my friends that are still at DSN, that they have their initial accreditation visit set for mid May next year. If you've read any of my earlier posts on this subject you already know that DSN BSN graduates have already been accepted into masters programs at several major universities even before they recieved the NLNAC this month so I'm thinking it's all up to the school as to what applicants they will accept. I know my friend talked to admissions at Regis last week and they said that they'll start taking applicants from DSN for their programs, so I think the regional thing just depends on the graduates college background. I'm enjoying my job too much right now to even think about more school but maybe a few years down the line I might be interested. I hope this helps!
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    Does anyone know if DSN is competitive? I'm an alternate at another school here in CO and got rejected by another. I have a decent GPA (3.4), good experience (3 years), good essay, a bachelor's degree, etc. it's just that the competition out there is really hard to beat. I'd also be interested in knowing why they have a bad rep? I've done a lot of research but haven't spoken with someone who has actually attended...

    Thanks in advance!
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    The only bad reviews about DSN is on that bogus website. If you look at the other threads I and others have posted you'll see that DSN has a great reputation. Their NCLEX pass rates are amoung the highest in the state. My friend that's still attending DSNsays this year so far they have a 97% pass rate. I loved my time at DSN and I think it really sad that this bogus website has everyone doubting what a great school it is. If I were you, I'd check it for yourself.
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    Yeah I've been trying to do all the research I know how. I've seen that website, and I've read a lot of comments on this site that are really positive and mention that those who write those nasty comments are most likely people that just can't handle the intensity of the program (etc.).

    Thanks for your reply, I've been trying to get in touch personally with someone who actually attended.

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