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Any one out there from the Denver area? I'm planning on moving and wanted to get some input on the city from the ppl who live around there. What areas are nice to live in? How's the job... Read More

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    The Canon City hospital is fairly nice, and is a part of Centura (a Catholic Hospital group) I worked there in L/D for a short while. We did about 50-60 del a month, and had a level II nursery. The problem for me was that so many of my patients were incarcerated at the women's prison in Florence. It really bothered me to have them come in in shackles, and know that their children would be raised by family or more likely, the Mennonite ladies. They were wonderful and took these poor little kids and treated them as their own till mommy was able to take them. I came back to Denver!
    Thanks so much for the information about Canon City. That's so nice to hear that the Mennonite ladies are taking good care of the inmate's children. Yes that is a sad situation.