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Hello, I'm a 24 year old RN moving to Denver this summer. When looking at this site there are a lot of people saying the job outlook is bad in Denver, but I haven't seen anything updated in a year.... Read More

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    I think if you're willing to work nights in M/S, you might be able to find a job. I would not relocate before securing employment, though.
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    Quote from CL2244
    It is completely sad and disgusting the way the nursing field is and no one even bothered to tell me during nursing school.
    I understand your frustration, I really do. Nurses everywhere are feeling it. But it's not the responsibility of nursing schools to find employment for you, or to tell you that the job market sucks and not to enroll in their program. Their job is to make money, and to make new nurses. It's every person's responsibility to research the job field they're going into before going into it. Do you think this is a unique predicament? Every field has this issue. I think nurses have just been spoiled, because we've always been used to having jobs handed to us on a platter, and now suddenly our field is like all the others out there.
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    I hope it changes!! I'm just going to start my prerequisites!! For most likely BSN or do you think start with ADN to get job?? Then I would start bridegroom program ASAP
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    I don't think it's impossible... Just apply, apply, apply, & be aggressive!
    Yes the market here sucks. So make yourself stand out somehow. APPLY FOR EVERYTHING.
    I am a new grad and secured a job right away... Went through a little phase of "i don't like this" a few months ago and applied for a lot of different RN companies, the OR, Kaiser clinics, you name it. I got 2 interviews (I have recently gotten over this "fit" and am happy right where I am so these were turned down).
    My point: It can't be that impossible.
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    Definitely go for a BSN program straight away. Don't do ADN-BSN bridge, not in Denver. Many of the good new grad residency programs (University, Children's, Denver Health) require the new grads to be BSN new grads.
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    Awesome ! Thx are you in Denver area?
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    Ryandoug, I am in the Denver area, get your BSN! ADNs have a terrible time getting hired at hospitals here. I can't understand why, in my opinion, if you pass NCLEX, you are a qualified nurse, but hospitals all seem to want BSNs.

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