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:idea: Hi I am one of those pre-nursing students in Colorado. I finished all the pre-requsits. As you know, there are some changes how to get in to the nursing program here in Colorado. (Have you... Read More

  1. by   robynv
    Thanks for your input.. good questions. so they told you most have the minimum grades? Well I hope so then, I can see why if it wasn't competitve and you only had to have the 2.5. Well that would help me as I'm in the middle I think.

    The reason I wondered about TEAS is that person I spoke to said you could wait to take it , as long as you took it by May 4, and since you have to apply by April 13 how can that be a factor? She said you would be accepted on a tenative basis providing you got the passing score.
  2. by   CBsMommy
    I agree. I did see that in the letter, that the last day to complete the TEAS was May 4th. I wonder when the committee is going to meet. I know the letter is going out on May 29th so that gives them three weeks to decide. I mean, it shouldn't be rocket science but I am going to add this to my list of questions for the 26th info. session. Are you going to an info session? I was think of going to both because I think that would help to gauge how many people I'm up against. I know that not all people on the waitlist are actually going to go to PPCC. I'm sure some choose other programs like DSON and Concorde so they don't have to wait. I'm sure some choose other routes and degree programs so they don't have to wait. I'm hoping we're not up against that many people and that we get to start sooner than later!
  3. by   robynv
    Yes I plan to go to the session I hope it isnt longer than an hour as my kids get out of school at 3:35 in Falcon!