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top ten reasons why we don't want a union 10. the union doesn't write my paycheck. 9. unions would rather cause problems than work together. 8. union scale means the best workers are... Read More

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    Quote from SC_RNDude
    Yes, Mrs H I did misunderstand.

    However, a school should be able to determine on it's own whether a RN is needed or not. Not a union saying every school needs a RN. My expereince in school nursing is very limited (just my nursing school clinical) so I'm far from being an expert. But the school I was in definately didn't need someone with a RN after their name to do the job. My nursing experience consisted of keeping track of epi pens, immunization records, and administering first aid.

    Some schools may very well have a need for an RN. But many do not. Yes, we will have to disagree that every school should have a mandate for a RN.

    As far as sexual orientation, gender i.d. issues, abuse, psych, bullying, etc., ...I would rather leave that up to more qualified people (ie. counselors, psychiatrists) to handle those type of things.
    The union has a separate bargaining unit that is for the school nurses. It is these professionals who advocate for their students. Like I said, we are a large urban district where our kids live in poverty and trust me, I would rather leave it up to these professionals who have a collective voice than leave it up to administrators who are not nurses. When you say "the school", do you mean upper administration? Do you mean the school board? Do you mean the staff? Do you trust them more in areas of student health more than the registered nurses who are on part of the union bargaining unit on what's best for the kids? As a nurse, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother, I am going to side with the school nurses here vs upper administration or the school board. When I was a critical care nurse, I trusted the nurses on the bargaining team much more than administration over issues of staffing...for good reason. Remember, the nurses do not make demands, they have a seat at the bargaining table as to advocate what they feel is best for their patients or students.

    Like you have PD in your chosen field of nursing, school nurses are trained in the issues that you felt other professionals are more qualified to deal with. Where is a student in poverty going to find a psychiatrist who has been kicked out of their home because they are gay or lesbian? How are they going to pay for it? School nurses are a safe place for the students to come and talk, and have information about local services to refer them to. School nurses know enough about it to provide basic education and know when they need to refer them to a specialized counselor or support group if the need is there. Abuse? I hate to tell you this, but that's a big part of what the school nurse does. School nurses are often the first ones who discover abuse and are (in this state) mandated reporters and are the ones who call and follow up with childrens services.

    Want more acute experience in school nursing? Come to some of the high schools where I work and spend a few days with our school nurses. You'll see more than you bargained for, at least that's what every student nurse says who thinks they are there to just give band aids and do health screenings and then sit and read Martha Stewart Living...or eat Twinkies.

    Best to you,
    Mrs H.

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    Quote from Overland1
    "Fast Forward" almost three years since the original post, and find that many teachers are being laid off by school districts that are going broke.
    No school nurse or teacher in this state has been laid off because they are allowed a voice in what they do through a union. However, I do know that in Wisconsin, home of the first union busting law, teachers and school nurses are leaving in droves as their voices were taken away from them and they were no longer able to do their jobs as well as they would like.
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    Quote from HazelLPN
    No school nurse or teacher in this state has been laid off because they are allowed a voice in what they do through a union. However, I do know that in Wisconsin, home of the first union busting law, teachers and school nurses are leaving in droves as their voices were taken away from them and they were no longer able to do their jobs as well as they would like.
    Thanks to the draconian politics and policies of the "conservative" leadership in the state. Michigan is not far behind...
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  4. 0 Freedom 42, I love this [your point by point response], and you for writing it.
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    I don't know where to place myself, but everybody deserves salary. I grew up in a country where many professionals have been treated **** whether government or non-government workers. Many of our graduates work in abroad. It's so sad how some people grind each other.

    I assumed you're an American. Historically, many laborers were abused by some employers. It didn't start like today. Don't get me wrong, I also understand your main point and rumination on union organization.

    Yes, I am aware that some people are abusive because of power they hold. Well, they should be forced to leave when they're proven guilty. Union members should never allow this behavior.

    I'm against to be a union member because I have to pay and some union people make too much money they don't deserved. Other than that, I understood the mission. If one person abuses his/her position, the union org. should stricken off the person from the union. That should alarm everybody and less headache for union organizers.

    Yes, there are some people who take advantage of unions, but I'm not envying them.

    We all should help each other and no one should feel resentment.

    I hope that someday people will be more evolved than today.
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    This is what happens at a non union facility: When Hurricane Sandy was on its way our CNO did not prepare (our off site pharmacy, food and med suppliers stocked us in advance) and ask for volunteers to do double shifts or to come in a shift early. She waited until the governor announced that roads would be closed at one pm and phoned all 3pm workers to come in NOW. She told those of us who got there that we could not clock in until three (against the law but she denied it when a report was made anonomously to the Labor Board). Then she gave final warnings (she skipped over first verbal, first written, and second written, as described in our handbook, but went straight to final) to anyone who was unable to get to work. Several towns had no functioning power to pump out flooded roads and were unable to clear trees and downed power lines for days. All six nurses I know of who got final warnings and went up the chain of command (as outlined in our handbook) to argue their case were denied satisfaction and remain on final warning. Many other nurses didn't bother to argue. The union has camped out at the end of our driveway - WELCOME!!
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    top 10 reasons against unions:
    1) unions interfere with management's ability to treat staff in their preferred fashion
    2) unions generate contracts which hold both sides to the agreed upon language
    3) unions are designed to protect the workers without harming the business
    4) unions help to create job protection/security for the workers
    5) union workers tend to make better wages than nonunion workers
    6) unions help to equalize pay amongst workers doing the same work
    7) unions provide a voice for the workers in the workplace
    8) unions provide a voice for the workers in the halls of government
    9) unions tend to make workplaces more transparent
    10) unions provide workers with a grievance process.
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    It always amazes me that Americans are so anti-union.

    Unions got you paid vacation days, paid sick days, statutory holidays, regulated hours of work per day, benefits packages, etc.

    When we used to get American nurses coming up here to Canada to work, they were shocked to find out that they didn't have to use their vacation time to be sick. That if they were sick on vacation, with documentation, they didn't lose their vacation.

    Unions aren't perfect but I trust my shop steward more than I do my unit manager.
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    After all, unions brought us the weekends; for that alone, we should be most grateful.
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    I would take time to answer but I am too busy applauding you Freedom42!

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