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A new national union of up to 154,000 registered nurses was created in Phoenix today, replacing one of the most aggressive nurse unions in the industry and combining its membership with two other... Read More

  1. by   nicurn001
    Quote from Woodenpug
    Direct care RN here who is fairly well convinced that the national union, is not a very good idea. Since any rational discussion which is anti-union will be edited or deleted, that is all I have to say.
    I have found that all discussion has been allowed to carry on within the TOS , so if past contributions have been effected as you describe , then look in the mirror you will see the cause of the edits / deletions .The moderators try not to get in the way of discussion upon these threads .If this forum had a overt bias it would have failed long ago .
  2. by   kcmylorn
    Was surfing around this site and found this- it would be interesting to get some up dated opinnions on 2 yr old thread. The NNU seems to have pick up some power and made some strides.
    The NNU was a very bold and brave step.
  3. by   Chico David RN
    Short form update: both on the organizing front and on the political/social movement front, NNU has been pretty active. More members in more states, including places like Texas and Florida that have hardly been hotbeds of union activity. Making substantial inroads into some of the big for-profit hospital chains, which is important, both because they are widespread and because they tend to oppress their nurses pretty badly.
    I'd say the biggest disappointment is that the progress toward true unity and integration have come a little slower than I might have hoped. While we are unified in many ways, there is still an understanable reluctance of some states to give up autonomy and move toward true integration. It will come, but not as fast as some of us might have dreamed.
  4. by   Ludlow
    I think National Nurses United is a great idea! Nurses across the country see how smart it is to have nurse to patient ratios that are based on nursing judgement not the hospital's bottom line. I work in CA and have had so many travelers tell me that they won't go back to 8 or more to 1 on the floors or 4 or more to 1 on step down or 3 to 1 in the ICU. They get that safe staffing saves lives and saves our sanity and RN licenses. Pushing for proper nurse to patient ratios is just one thing NNU does. And you can see that they have been successful by looking at the contract the HCA Florida RNs just got.