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Just curious.... I start my first job as a GN at a large hospital that is unionized in August. During my interview, I was told that the staffing on the floor I will work on (telemetry) is 4:1. Based on your experiences,... Read More

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    Your union can do a lot for you. Choose your bargaining team well and have a steering committee that represents all areas of the hospital. They can meet before and during negotiations. All information that is taking place in negotiations can be disseminated to the rest of the staff and their valuable input can be implemented. Your union does not protect the slackers. It protects your rights to be treated fairly. If management documents incidents properly and the allegataions made are true, they will be fired. Create a staffing council within your contract that meets monthly to determine if short staffing allegations have occurred. Making the hospital pay a penalty to that unit affected can hit them where it hurts. If there is a pattern of short staffing then it show the need for hiring more staff. I you don't have a union holding their feet to the fire then it will continue. Remember YOU are your union. The union can help you but without you stepping up and responsibly reporting infractions nothing can be done. Get involved. It's your working life. It's your patient's lives.

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    Quote from RN Zeke
    Operant conditioning and negative feed back is mostly what we nurses experience. We need to get out of the "BIG SKINNER" box and seek help from where we may get it to protect us and all we have worked to accomplish. Seek knowledge, empower ourselves...patient outcome improvement, happier nurses.
    Thank you for a confusing agreement. If I understand.
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    Quote from Woodenpug
    Thank you for a confusing agreement. If I understand.
    I didn't get it either. I guess that's pro union.
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    Sorry, Psychology got in the way of my answer, it is really a deep subject...Union's and CA...they seem to be doing good for the nurses there! Just like the teamsters did for my Dad....
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    Quote from RN Zeke
    Sorry, Psychology got in the way of my answer, it is really a deep subject...Union's and CA...they seem to be doing good for the nurses there! Just like the teamsters did for my Dad....
    O.K. pro - union. My point was different. I was attempting to convey the idea that we need not be helpless victims, we can respond "outside the box."

    :My minority opinion is that unions are still "in the box."

    The Skinner reference is still, ....missed. Hint: I was referencing his "pop-psy" books.
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    B. F. Skinner.....Out of the box.
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    Our union (CNA) has zero power in our facility. During the last contract negotiation, two the four nurses on the bargaining team were summarily fired (given the choice of submitting their two week notices, or being terminated that day). I worked with one of them, and kno for a fact that the allgedged infraction was not true. One of them is suing, the other has given up. Management will lie, cheat, and obfuscate to cover their behinds. While the nurses just keep getting thrown under that bus we call healthcare. CNA is a joke.
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    The joke is that nurses moan and groan about their employers , but are not prepared to do a damn thing about it . On the occasions the nurses have stood together in my facility we have ALWAYS got what we wanted , yet even with that record , some will not do anything to stand up for what is right , they will ask what the union is doing re. a problem , my response is what are you prepared to do , if they offer nothing I have told them then thre union will be unable to do anything as they are the union !.
    Dana , what did you and your coworkers do to support your bargaining team members ? .
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    That may be why I have always been disappointed by my experiences with closed shops. Then again, I notice that a large union participates in "Occupy wherever," but does not seem to be strongly advocating for nursing concerns. The occupy movement is important, but a union representing nurses interests would be active in advocating for nurses. Pay, which equals more union dues, is not the only issue. For example, hospitals should be governed by nurses. The least acceptable outcome should be that a majority of the governing board is licensed as an RN.

    But, I am trying to keep an open mind. It's hard after several years of negative experiences. I recognize my bias.
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