Would getting my CNA be worth it at this point....?

  1. I am at a loss I graduate this Thursday with a certificate in Medical Assisting and am scheduled to take my CMA (AAMA) exam in October. I have been applying for jobs like a mad woman and I feel like I see more CNA openings than MA. I've applied at hospitals, private practices, and have even gone to Craigslist.

    I completed my externship at a pediatric office and LOVED it. I applied for jobs at the hospital (Tx Children's) but I have a sinking feeling my lack of experience will keep me from getting my dream job.

    I am contemplating getting my CNA once I (hopefully) get a job and working nocs so I can go back to nursing school (BSN is my ultimate goal).

    Nurses...student nurses...CNAs....anybody, please give me some advice. Thank you in advance.
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  3. by   malamud69
    Couldn't hurt.
  4. by   mvm2
    I could be wrong but I think that MAs usually work in doctor's offices and i have not seen too many MAs working in the hospitals, usually RNs and CNAs work in Hospitals I believe. It does not surprise me you see more CNAs then MAs job posting, i think there are a lot more different areas where CNAs work. Hospitals, LTC, Rehab FAcilities, Home Care. If you want to work Nocs as well, your best bet is working as a CNA because MAs usually work office hours. I agree that it will not hurt you a bit to go for your CNA. That will give you even more operunities to find a job that will fit your needs. Most CNA classes average to be 4 to 6 weeks so it will take you no time in being able to aquire your CNA either.
  5. by   schnookimz
    Typically in my area an MA makes about 4-5 dollars more per hour than a CNA. You may want to look into this as well.
  6. by   Nspirit
    It's good to keep your options open. Go for it.
  7. by   Mell101
    Well if you're getting certified in october for MA then why go for CNA? I'm a CNA and i can tell it's a lot hard work! All the dirty jobs are giving to the CNAs. CMAs usuallly work in doctor's office, why not apply to those? I feel like if you become a CNA you would be downgrading from CMA to CNA, just give it time to find the right job. You can work as a CNA to not loose your skills and gain experience. don't get discouraged, you will find a job in the field you want, its just a matter of time.
  8. by   ambitiousBSN
    It definitely couldn't hurt to look at getting your CNA. I worked as a CMA in an outpatient setting as CMA's are generally hired to assist with the physician, not the nurse, so we are more utilized in physician offices, outpatient settings, etc. You will always see more job postings for CNA, so don't give up and/or get discouraged! Keep applying! :-)
  9. by   amber0907
    I work as a CNA in Pennsylvania. I went through the classes about 2 years ago. The nursing home I work at paid for everything! There was two girls that had their MA because in the area i live in CNAs make more than MAs. And I know many MAs that just go for their CNAs for that reason. I would prefer to do MA work but in the area I live in your better off being an LPN. All areas are different. Just check your local papers job listings and call around. Some places MAs make more than CNAs. Good Luck =)