What's on-call mean?

  1. Ok so finally I get the CNA job, the job that I love to work the most for now. Orientation begin on Monday. I'll working part-time and it's on-call. I forgot to ask the interviewer what it mean, so can you please tell me what's on-call all about? So to me as long as it's a CNA job I'm very interest in any position and shift. Yay! I'm so happy that my dream finally come true I love to work as a CNA so much that I'm thinking about it everyday
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Sorry that all they hired you for was on-call. That means that you are not on the schedule even part time. You have to wait around for a phone call to work, usually when somebody calls in sick at the last minute or does not show up for work for any reason. It is not much better than not having a job at all. You really should continue your job search. But, you might get to work a lot, if a lot of people call off a lot of the time. Still, you want a set schedule like everyone else. So continue looking. That is my advice. Good luck and congrats on the job. Hopefully it turns into a part time, then a full time job if you can't find something else.
  4. by   caliotter3
    Unless you want to be on call for all three shifts, you better get with them to find out what shift you will be on call for. You don't want to have to respond to calls at any time of the day or night. If you want night shift, make that arrangement. Or PM shift, or day shift, same thing. Good luck. Hope you like the work and the paycheck.
  5. by   justme01
    Working on call will not be bad because people call in sick alot which means they will need you alot. Once your employeer sees how hard working and dedicated you are they will hire you full time.

  6. by   tavia_yeung
    Thank you very much caliotter3 and franharmon for the replies, you two are super helpful and nice. Now I know what it mean so it's kinda sad that it's just on-call but I'm still very glad that finally I got the CNA job because even if I only get to work 1 day a month or so I'm still happy about it. Because I cant wait to use all the skills that I learned to help the patients, it just make me feel excited b/c I want to work as a CNA so much.
  7. by   KimberlyRN89
    Dont worry. You might luck out & be able to get a set schedule soon if someone quits or goes on vacation. But like caliotter3 said I'd continue to search! Once you have a CNA position, I think its much easier to find another job.
  8. by   Ev1987
    'On call' usually means to replace the shift of a cna that might have called-out sick or had a personal day off. I am happy to hear that you're pleased with finding a job. I suggest that you keep searching for something more stable and reliable. Good luck to you and congratulations.
  9. by   tavia_yeung
    Thank you MiiszKimberlyCNA & Ev1987 for the reply. What you all said still give me hope b/c when the CNA go vacation, ect then I get to have a chance to work b/c I really want to start working as a CNA b/c the longer I wait I'll forgot to perform most of those skills. And yes, I'll continue to searching for job b/c this is what I mainly focus on now.