What area can new CNA make most money?

  1. I live in South Texas. Most hospitals require at least 1 year experience to work as CNA/PCT. I heard Nursing homes have high turnover rates due to low pay and intense labor. Any advice?
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  3. by   paislie
    Seriously? If you're looking to make money, I wouldn't suggest this career.
  4. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from DMHG1812
    I live in South Texas. Most hospitals require at least 1 year experience to work as CNA/PCT. I heard Nursing homes have high turnover rates due to low pay and intense labor. Any advice?
    I live in North Texas. The higher-paying CNA jobs in the region where I live tend to be concentrated in areas such as hospice, home health, and agency. However, keep in mind that you might have to drive from place to place if your job involves visits to peoples' homes and different facilities. In addition, some agencies do not offer benefits in exchange for the much higher pay rate.
  5. by   juliaann
    Yeah, working as a CNA isn't going to make you any serious cash. At all. CNAs at my hospital start at 9.00/hour.

    I think your best bet is to find an agency to work for, or be willing to work nights, weekends, and overtime in a long-term care/nursing home/assisted living facility.

    Working as CNA is hard work. You're not going to find many (or any, I'd venture to say) opportunities as a CNA that aren't environments involving "high turnover rates" and "intense labor" - it comes with the job.
  6. by   DMHG1812
    Actually, I chose this temporarily for two years while in the RN program I will be starting this Fall. Had to quit my full time job of 13 years with same company in accounting paying ending pay $17.00/hr. Ouch! Yes, it hurts. But, getting accepted in the program was like winning lottery!
  7. by   caliotter3
    I have seen ads placed by individuals for CNAs to do private duty and offering pay at $18 or even $20 an hour. I have assumed that the parties placing these ads are well to do. Ads like this are rare though. Still, I think the best type of job while you are in school would be a home health case. Agencies typically will pay a CNA $9 to $12 an hour for this type of work.
  8. by   Shirt
    It depends on where you apply

    I know CNAs that make LPN money (18-20/hr)
    some hospitals will pay $17.00/hr for a cna that has 1 year experience in Acute care)

    where I live most CNA's (non float pool) make 11-13.00 base pay BUT! they work nights and rotate weekends so they end up making 14-16 on week days and 15-17 on the weekends

    The CNA's that are Floaters where I work make 16/hr and 18-20 on the weekends but they don't have benefits

    agencies pay anywhere from 16-20 (depending on the agency)

    These are 3 12 shifts a lot of cna's pick up extra shifts on different floors which puts them into overtime so... to say you can't make good money as a cna is a joke.

    You really have to be picky when picking a place of employment. I conducted research on the highest paying hospital in my area before I got my CNA and had my RN director at my school write a letter for me. It always helps if you can show the hospital that you are in school to become and RN they seem to take you a little more seriously (in my experience)
  9. by   WiseMonk
    The truth.

    In 2007 I graduated as a cna with a certificate. I was heavily instructed then not to take anything less then 12.00 an hour. (This is in the state of Oregon where the cost of living is like living in San Francisco, if your in the city; but, not as bad... but pretty close. )

    Keep in mind that in 2007, it was expected that the average C.N.A would start out making 12.00 an hour but this is only in skilled nursing facilities and now it's 2016 and C.N.A'so are still making the same...as if inflation had never happened.

    It depends on what type of care unit it is. SNF is way different then an Asisted living facility in that the expectations are that the work load is less troublesome then a SNF and that's generally the case. Therefore you get paid less generally in an assisted living facility. Memory care homes not hospitals, are even less of pay out because they don't even require licenses in some states. In my sound opinion, memory care homes are the hardest and least paid.

    Now I started working in memory care facilitys which didn't require a license and at that time I didn't have one but instead a certificate. (In 2010, I got my license and i also transfered it to oregon) I was told by the state Board of nursing that the reason why C.N.A's were making only 12.00 was because of the recession. In other words the Healthcare industry capitalised on the ecomical crisis even though their pockets hadn't changed at all and they moat likely realized .....hay were getting away with this because no is unionicing or rallying etc.

    You have to keep in mind that in America business is well....business.

    In all these years not once did the expectation ever go up for pay increases and the reasoning or what I theorize would be, that the industry knows what it can get away with. They take advantage of the poor and people who want work. Nursing homes are independently owned. They are not like hospitals.

    In the past three years, I have seen a lot of foreigners but not a lot of bridges to an education or even housing for that matter.

    Creating a life in the u.s.a is a huge challenge by ones self and education is even becoming an impossibility due to the dynamics of the u.s.a

    For foreigners it's a pretty open ball park but the business is out to make money. That's why they go for foreigners. For locals you are either accepted by society or the criminalize you and the jail statistics speak for themselves.

    Mexican sweet shops in the 1970s were no joke then and the same administrators run that game from that era.

    However nursing is nursing and we'll always be. You get what you put into it. If you make it here in the u.s.a as a nurse on your own without parents to pay your way in to med school, your pretty respected and even if you have parents...(I just like to tease)

    Back to if cnas make

    Yes you can make 18.00 even to 25.00 for agency if you are skilled and have mastered not only yourself but the profession. Agency is agency though some go9d some bad. It's also HARDER WORK FASTER PACE....A LOT FASTER. THE EXPECTATION IS MORE. YOU'LL ALSO HAVE TO TRAVEL VIA HAVE CAR.