Tips on taking the CNA Exam.

  1. Hello Everyone. I wanted to know some tips that I can use to help me pass the State Exam for CNA. I take my exam on Feb 27th 2012. It' my first time and I'm super nervous. I'm located in Sacramento and the test is being taught threw American Red Coss. Thank you
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  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    The written exam is pretty much a piece of cake; it's the practicum (skills demo) that can be intimidating. You'll want to get a good night's sleep and eat a light but healthy meal before your test; for the practicum, you'll do fine as long as you perform the skills exactly the way you were taught in class. This is not the time to take the shortcuts you use out in the real world.

    If you're unsure of a skill, you can verbalize it as you go through the steps, which shows the examiner that you know what you're doing AND helps keep you focused on the task when you're nervous. And if you leave out a step, be sure to stop as soon as you remember it and verbalize what you should've done at that point; the examiner will probably give you at least partial credit for it.

    Listen to the instructions you are given. Don't try to finesse it if you make a mistake; the examiners are nurses and they can spot it a mile away. Simply admit it, say what you should've done instead, and go on with the test if they allow it.

    RELAX. You can do this. Good Luck!!
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    Thank you
  5. by   nguyency77
    Don't ever violate these three things, whether you're taking the state test or working in the field:

    1) Safety. Leave the bed low when you're done with skills. Do not work over the side rail.
    2) Cross-contamination. Remember to wash your hands! People always tell me they have no time, but seriously? My clinical instructor said to me once, "If you count the pulse for half a minute, what are you gonna do with those 30 extra seconds?" Takes little time to wash your hands, and especially in skilled units, families love CNA that pay attention to washing their hands.
    3) Patient privacy. Make sure you close the curtains on state tests, close the door, etc.

    The written test is really easy. It's got questions like:
    "A confused resident is walking down the hall crying for her mother. What do you, the CNA, do?"

    And the answers are kind of silly. It's things like. "Tell her to stop it."
    Pretty much common sense that you would not say that! Good luck! I know you can do it.
  6. by   Tasha1635
    Thank you for the Tips Nguyency77. I'm trying to calm my nerves at this point.
  7. by   IEDave
    Quote from Tasha1635
    Thank you for the Tips Nguyency77. I'm trying to calm my nerves at this point.
    And that's probably the toughest part of the process - relaxing. I'll beg to differ with nguyency77 on one point - while the written is multiple guess, it's got some tricky points. Most likely you'll run into a few questions that'll give you pause (i.e. none of the choices really seem to fit); just remember that the objective is to give the BEST answer, not necessarily the RIGHT one.

    Beyond that - get a good night's sleep before the test (somehow) & take 'em on; passing on the first try is do-able - I did!

    Take care,

    ----- Dave
  8. by   havehope
    Tasha, I'm glad you created this thread! I can get feedback from it also. I hope you do well on your exam and let us know how you did!

    Do any of you know how to help me remember step by step? I do the steps just sometimes I get out of order from what the state boards want. Especially the longer things like making an occupied bed.

    Thanks for you help in advanced.
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  9. by   Tasha1635
    Thank you Dave. I will take all tips and hopefully a good night sleep.
  10. by   Tasha1635
    @havehope I watch the videos on youtube. Just subscribe to 4yourCNA or go to the website The women Patty explain how you do each step and she is really good. I just try to remember what she says from start to finish so I can perform the skills the ways she does. People have commented that they passed from just watching the videos. Good luck.
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    and take some Valerian (herb) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia before exam , make you calm down during exam less nervous ....
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