tips for feeding a stroke patient? - page 2

I have a stroke patient that is almost impossible to feed. She had the stroke about 2 wks ago, and is completely dependent/verbally unresponsive/still sleeping most of the time. The SLP told gave... Read More

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    Quote from tsweetie
    so I really do feel like she's still "in there".
    She most definitely is, most residents in the same situation are even if it doesn't seem that way

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    What shift do you work? And what meal is it that she is not eating well at?

    I know that some people naturally tend to eat more at some meals and less at others. For example, I am a heavy breakfast and dinner eater, but I usually prefer only a light lunch. Think of friends and family you have that always skip breakfast, etc.

    She may never have eaten much at whatever meal it is you are having trouble with, so she could be just continuing that pattern now.

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